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Video: Barack Obama Playing High School Basketball

8/17/07 in Locker Room   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

You can't stop Obama, you can only hope to contain him.

Sports Rumblings found this footage of Barack ballin' in his high school days, sporting the #23, of course. The Rumblings also hopes this solves the "black enough" debate ...
Many pundits from The Daily Show to your local barbershop have wondered whether Barack Obama is black enough to be president, whatever that means. Well, now we can put this debate to rest. According to Sports Review Magazine, Obama played basketball for Occidental College, a Division III school, and led their team in scoring in 1978-1979. His skills were lauded as a “George Gervin type”.
You know what's great and sad about our country. Obama playing basketball is probably enough info to garner some extra votes.
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8/17/07   |   TODoubleD

Who wants a president who can't shoot a free-throw! If we wanted that we would have Shaq run for Pres.!!!!!!! O'Neal in 2012!!!!!!!!