Video of the Appalachian State Upset Inside the Big House and Fan Reactions Around the Big Ten

9/2/07 in NCAAF   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

For a Michigan State fan only two things can make your Saturdays better than a Spartan victory: Notre Dame and Michigan losing. While that proved to be the case yesterday, I'm still not as thrilled as I should be that the Wolverines lost to a D1-AA team. All of us Big Ten fans now can officially shut up. We lost to Appalachian State.

That said, this video is awesome. The Big House is the quietest 100,000 you'll ever be around, and that was never truer than Saturday. Except for these stunned Mountaineer fans.

We beat Michigan! We beat Michigan!

Ok, I sort of take what I said earlier back. Michigan losing is outstanding, and I celebrated as much as these Penn State and Ohio State fans. My dad also reported that Spartan Stadium barely louder when the Spartans scored than when these scores were reported.

Here's the Penn State fans reaction after their game:

Then down in Columbus, Ohio State fans gathered underneath to stadium to catch the final moments. Hail to the Victors!
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9/3/07   |   Todd

If I were another Big Ten school, I don't know if I'd be cheering so loudly about Michigan losing.  Like CF alluded to, their loss gives the whole conference a black eye.  I guess it's an initial reaction for everyone... Duck fans at Autzen cheered too, when they heard the news.

9/2/07   |   Wicked Jumpshot

God I love my alma mater.  Well done PSU faithful, well done.

9/2/07   |   Flousc

Those Penn St. fan videos are great.

9/2/07   |   desertrat   |   6336 respect

I'm still stunned that Michigan lost to these guys. I now have a reason to pay attention to the FSC playoffs this fall, I'll be looking for these guys from Boone, N.C.