Washington Nationals Fans Help Groundskeepers Get Rain Tarp On Field

The Washington Nationals Continue Their Season Of Extreme Suckitude

5/17/09 in MLB   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

The Washington Nationals are already guilty of committing the biggest FAIL of the MLB season. That was wearing jerseys that said "Natinals."

While their most recent gaffe isn't quite as bad, it's still not good. Last night, the Nationals/Phillies game was hit by rain, so the Nationals ground crew went out to put a tarp on the field.......and couldn't do it.

Yes, they didn't have enough people to pull it across the field, so they had to have the 10 fans left in the stadium come out onto the field to help. Please tell me these fans actually got paid after doing this. Although truth be told, Nats fans should probably be paid just to watch this damn team play.

By the way, of course the game was never restarted, and the Phillies were declared 7-5 winners in 6 innings.

Nationals baseball, oh yeah!

Washington Nationals Can’t Get Tarp On The Field, Fans Have To Come Help [
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5/17/09   |   djjfrench   |   67 respect

Selig wanted to get rid of the Twins... but he's allowing the Natinals to keep f'n up the league.

5/17/09   |   frenchy62   |   3 respect

As bad as the Nationals are on the field, the problems in that organization don't stop there. It's not the players fault that they had misspelled uniforms, nor is it their fault that there wasn't enough grounds crew. The entire organization has become a laughingstock. It's sad, really.

5/17/09   |   kwheels

well,at least they cant do any worse than tha lions. can they?

5/17/09   |   streetballer123   |   4064 respect

Obama- it's all your fault. Even Bush didn't do something this stupid- to let the nation's capital's baseball team wear a misspelled jersey. I guess the NO-Child-Left-Behind thing worked out.

5/17/09   |   suedon70   |   144 respect

yep, this is the result of a team that should've been contracted years ago (Expos) but was instead relocated to a region that already had a team, and a waste of hundreds of millions of $$$ for a beautiful stadium for an absolutely putrid team.....

5/17/09   |   yanksawboy   |   8 respect

 If I was on of the fans I would say "put the money in the bag"!

5/17/09   |   THE_Smoot   |   70 respect

Lol at the fans causing their team to lose. Woo ringers.

5/17/09   |   Chief_aka_James   |   3307 respect

2:40-2:45 mark...was that...was that Donavon McNabb?

Nope, sorry.

5/17/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

Yet another compelling reason for MLB contraction