Wes Sims Calls Bobby Lashley A Big Juiced Up Monkey

Wes Sims Might Want To Rethink His Use Of Animal Metaphors

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Wes Sims is pretty much one of the biggest idiots in MMA. He proved it on season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter, and he proved it again Saturday night after getting beat by Bobby Lashley at Strikeforce: Miami.

His comments about Bobby Lashley might make it a little more difficult to get a job again, whether in Strikeforce or elsewhere. He bashed Strikeforce, bashed Lashley, and finished it off by calling Lashley a "juiced up monkey". At the prompting of Yahoo's Steve Cofield, he retracted that comment, but we all know that you can't just say "I take that back" with a comment like this.

As unfortunate as it was, it's good to see clowns like Sims get exposed like this. The guy is a mediocre fighter, and the only thing he's good for is excuses.

Sims says Lashley is 'juiced up' and that he cheated [CageWriter]
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You know.... when you respond to a comment that gets removed for a COC violation, it make your comment seem weird & nonsensical.    LOL    Oh well.      P.S.  In case it's not obvious, there was a comment between Kyle's comment & mine that I was responding to...... not "MacDoogie's. "


2/1/10   |   johnsward66   |   216 respect

WOW! Are you Wess' brother/father/wife/girlfriend?   All the above??   The force of your ideas is truly amazing !  As a wise man once said; "Outraged cursing is evidence of a weak mind trying to express it's self in a forceful manner. "      

2/1/10   |   MacDoogie   |   96 respect

I hope Wes simms crawls in a hole and gewt raped by wild boars for the rest of his life. He is so below average at fighting it astounds me. The only worse foghter on that card was Greg Nagy

2/1/10   |   johnsward66   |   216 respect

Wes Sims = The only valid argument for post conception birth-control!     

2/1/10   |   maddhatter6691   |   7918 respect

Do it again and see how fast he gets his A$$ kicked 

2/1/10   |   ChiTown123   |   111 respect

 MMA fighters in the US are tested pre and post fight. NSAC is pretty good about that stuff these days.

2/1/10   |   RunningDawg   |   248 respect

Come on dude, I understand you took the fight on short notice.  But you are a professional, and you should be ready at anytime, especially if you are not on anyone else's  fight card!

2/1/10   |   The_Real_Stoney   |   25642 respect

The Grape Ape is offended by Wes Sims' comments