What a Surprise! Another Controversial call in the Big East

3/9/11 in NCAABB   |   diehardcards44   |   138 respect

         The ending of the Rutgers and St. John's game resulted in the Johnnies winning with the help of the nation's worst officiating group. The first of the two calls started with a St. John's player going WAY over the back of a Rutgers player to give the Storm the ball. The Red Storm wasn't taking advantage of the missed calls though. They missed too many free throws at the end of the game to let Rutgers stay in. The last call was after St. John's made a defensive stop against the scarlet knights with about 4 seconds left. The Red Storm player thought time had ran out and took three steps, while out of bounds, and threw the ball into the stands when there was still 1.7 seconds left. The referees blew the call, the game, the Scarlet Knights's season, the fans' hopes for a berth, everything. As a Louisville fan, I am used to this. Take the West Virginia game as an example. Preston Knowles and the WVU player run into each other with .6 seconds to go and, surely enough, the reffere calls a foul on PK and gives the game to West Virginia. These bad calls need to stop. I'm tired of seeing blown game because of reffs who can't see.

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