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Who Could Forget: New York Knicks Select Renaldo Balkman Video

6/28/07 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

My favorite NBA draft moment of all time. Isiah Thomas being Isiah Thomas. He just couldn't help himself, reaching for yet another undersized forward about 10 picks too early.

Who could possibly forget the Knicks' fans reaction? Here's a priceless video from one amused fan with bonus Stephen A. Smith heckling.

Who the F*** is Renaldo Balkman?
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6/28/07   |   Flousc

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I know who he is. Of course, I am a South Carolina fan.


When he got on the floor he actually was pretty good. Averaged over 10 boards when he actually got decent playing time. Not to mention his many dunks that made ESPN Top 10 I don't know how many times.