Worst First Pitches Of All-Time

Mariah Carey's Sinker May Not Be As Bad As You Thought

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The 'First Pitch' is a tradition that takes place every night across the country from large major league stadiums to that so-called field in the independent leagues. It's as much a part of the game as the 7th Inning Stretch. Much like the recent embarrassing Take Me Out to the Ball Game performances at Wrigley Field, we've been setting new lows in the art of the first pitch.

By now we've seen Mariah Carey's version of a sinker several dozen times. A truly terrible pitch, but there's a chance it's not the worst ever. You be the judge.

Here's the other candidates I've been able to hunt down:

There's nowhere else to start but with Cincinnati's mayor Mark Mallory on Opening Day 2007. There's juuuust a bit outside and then there's this. The only move worse than his 45 degree angle pitch was his non-stop late night media tour that followed.

Not really sure who this guy is, but he was able to inconceivably throw the ball down at a more impressive angle than our dear Mariah. Here's to you Mr. Ceremonial First Pitcher Guy...

My apologies to Yankees fans (no, not really) and any astronaut that might be reading, but this was just terrible. Earlier this season on April 16th, Hank Steinbrenner thought it would be a brilliant idea to have an astronaut in space throw out the first pitch.

Here we have the Asst. Dean of the Nevada Medical School who failed to obtain a Ph.D in coordination.

Lastly, this gets awful status because it comes across as way too orchestrated. This is said to be a local news reporter throwing out the first pitch at a minor league game. Of course, it hits the umpires standing conveniently close to home plate.

Sadly, Carl Lewis' debacle couldn't be found in video form, but here's a link to an animated gif of it.

Yep, there's one of the world's greatest athletes. Although Lewis' first pitch does go a long way in explaining this.
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Where is President Dave when you need him?

5/30/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Stick to the long jump, Carl.