Video of Larry Sanders Altercation

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Blog Photo - Video of Larry Sanders Altercation
The Milwaukee police released a video of the altercation that took place at a Milwaukee club on November 3rd involving Bucks center Larry Sanders. Around the 27-second mark, Larry Sanders appears on the video and walks towards the upper-right side of the video where the fight shortly ensues. Based upon the video, it is hard to see what caused the altercation, but there were certainly plenty of witnesses there.
Sanders has been cited twice for his involvement in the altercation, but his attorney plans on fighting against them to clear Sanders name.
According to the Journal Sentinel, Sanders’s attorney, Michael Hart, said, ““We are going to defend him,” Hart said. “He has gotten a bad rap. The facts will bear that out.” The video can be seen on this Fox6 link.
Sanders injured his right thumb and received surgery due to the altercation, but should be available to play for the Bucks very shortly.
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