Vikings Defensive Tackles Pat Williams And Kevin Williams Test Positive For Steroid-Masking Water Pills

This Sounds A Bit Ridiculous, But Water Pills May Have Ruined The Vikings' Playoff Chances

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We learned earlier that Saints players Deuce McAllister and Will Smith tested positive for water pills that are known to be used to mask steroid use. The latest news is no surprise. There were several more positive tests. The list of offenders includes another Saints player, Charles Grant, as well as Grady Jackson of the Falcons, and the Vikings' two stud defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams.

This spells huge trouble for the Vikings, as their pass rush is one of the biggest keys to their success, and these test results will likely result in 4 game suspensions for each player. Kevin Williams has 6 sacks already, which is tied for 6th in the NFL. He also has 32 tackles. Pat Williams has 26 tackles.

Pat Williams and Kevin Williams were both Pro Bowlers in 2006 and 2007, and Kevin Williams also made the Pro Bowl in 2004. Along with Jared Allen, they are the cornerstones of the Vikings defense, which is one of the teams biggest strengths, along with their elite RB Adrian Peterson.

Right now, the Vikings are 3rd in their division behind the Bears and Packers. They would need to pass at least one of those teams, if not both, in order to get a playoff spot. The Vikings were a popular preseason pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, but if and when the Williams' are suspended, their season will essentially be over.

Saints guard Jamar Nesbit was the first to test positive, as his test results came back earlier in the year. He was issued a 4 game suspension. His first game back was the Saints' 37-32 win over the Chargers in England.

There's no guarantee that the pills were being used to mask steroid use. They are also sometimes used for weight loss. This was a likely reason that these players were taking the pills, and that will probably be their justification when they try to appeal the inevitable suspensions. However, these particular pills are banned by the NFL anyway, so there's not really any reason that would make it ok.

Do the Vikings have a chance at the playoffs if they lose both of the Williams' for 4 games? Doubtful. They may have to find out, soon.

Sunday Scoops: NFL Suspensions; Plaxico Benched [Jay Glazer/Fox Sports]
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Interesting what I heard on the local news here in Minnesota. Jay Glazer did a phone interview and was explaining with this report of "so many names", there is an option that Goodell might actually decide to not even suspend the guys. When specifically asked about Pat and Kevin Williams, Glazer stated that the Williams boys were using the water pills to actually lose weight.

All of course Glazer's speculation -- but I'll buy it for now.