Vikings blame questionable calls for 28-10 loss to Bears

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A couple of close called that were made against the Minnesota Vikings (6-5) had a strong role in the team’s 28-10 loss to the NFC North leading Chicago Bears (8-3).
After the Minnesota Vikings scored a touchdown so that they were trailing the Chicago Bears by just 15 points in the third-quarter, the referees ruled that Chicago running back Matt Forte fumbled on the Vikings’ 48-yard line. Matt Forte lost the ball in the chaos of several Minnesota Vikings players piling on top of him, while safety Mistral Raymond returned the fumble for a touchdown after linebacker Erin Henderson had made it retrievable.
However, a replay of the route displayed Matt Forte’s knee was down ahead of losing the ball. The questionable call cost the Minnesota Vikings a crucial touchdown so that they would have trailed the Chicago Bears by just seven to eight points in the third quarter.
"We were feeling it. We thought we had another takeaway,” said  Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway. That would have been huge. (But it was), 'He's down, he's down, he's down.' That's just the way it goes."
Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier also felt strongly against a pass interference call on his team that awarded after Chicago Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler fell short on a deep second-quarter pass to wide receiver Brandon Marshall at the Vikings’ 1-yard line. Leslie Frazier questioned Brandon Marshall’s actions when he roughly thrust back defensive back Antoine Winfield, who was covering him on the play.  Instead referee called Antoine Winfield for pass-interference and the Chicago Bears were awarded a penalty that ultimately resulted in a field goal.
"I was trying to put my body on his. He was kind of holding me off," Antoine Winfield explained later. "The referee said at the last second, he saw me tug his arm. That's where the flag came in."
"I told the officials that I was looking forward to seeing it on tape,” lamented Leslie Frazier. “With the naked eye, I thought Antoine was in good position to battle and got shoved, but the officials didn't see it that way."
Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen also alleged later that he was unfairly called for a clean hit on Chicago Bears offensive guard Lance Louis, when he ripped Louis’ feet on the ground on a third-quarter interception return by Antoine Winfield.
Jarred Allen left his feet on the collision but claimed he wasn’t trying to hurt Lance Louis and shouldn’t have been called on a dirty play.
"I thought it was a legal hit. He's running to make a tackle, so I just wanted to block him. I never intentionally try to hurt anybody,” said Jarred Allen. ” I turned around, he was running to make a tackle and I threw myself into him to make a block. My condolences to him and his family."
Chicago Bears offensive tackle Jonathan Scott stated that his team will “try to go full-speed” ahead of the hit.
Asked he could be fined on the hit, Jarred Allen had few thoughts on eth subject: “I don't have any control over that."
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It doesn't appear they are blaming the calls on the loss, but were asked about the two questionable calls and gave their views. By the way, when there's video evidence showing that Forte's knee was down--the call is no longer questionable. Watching it live I felt Marshall did more grabbing than Winfield. The Vikings concern should be more with the fact that they totaled just 268 yards of offense, and their star running back put the ball on the ground twice. When you lose by 18, the calls weren't the problem.