Vikings tight end John Carlson’s future in question with repeated concussions

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen Minnesota Vikings tight end John Carlson was asked if the repeated concussions he had sustained in his NFL career had somewhat had an influence on him, he said he didn’t want to give an answer.
“I’m going to pass on that,” he said.
Carlson has sustained a number of concussions in his career so this is an issue for him that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Every concussion has its share of damage on the player and over the course of years they are bound to take their toll. Carlson has sustained three major concussions in his six year career and during college years had two more.
His third concussion in the NFL came against the Baltimore Ravens two weeks ago as he was slammed in the face and hit the frozen stiff ground. He wasn’t up for the game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday and was not cleared to have recovered from concussion according to the rules set in the NFL.
He was cleared to have recovered from the effects of concussion on Wednesday and returned to practice but missed it on Thursday as he was not feeling well. Coach Lezlie Frazier said that Carlson would have to pass the concussion test to play the game against the Cincinnati Bengals.
Carlson himself is taking the matter seriously and said that it wasn’t just his decision but would discuss it with his wife and what they should do. He added that in this case the path to retirement was open.
“That’s something that my wife and I will consider. After every season it’s an evaluation period because of the nature of our business. Players move around, players get cut, coaches get fired, things happen,” Carlson said. “So in that sense, every year is an evaluation period and this year will be no different. And the concussion part of it will be in that conversation.”
Carlson said that his family was aware of the effects of football and concussions and knew that he was aging and wanted him not to suffer with long term damages and health issues. He will be 30 years old on May and has sustained a total of three concussions 2011 onwards.
“We have two kids and a third one on the way,” Carlson said. “I’m taking steps to mitigate the risks. [But] there are risks to playing football.”
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This makes me sad. Love that dude.