Vikings trade with Pats to select WR Cordarrelle Patterson

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After selecting two defenders in the first round, the Minnesota Vikings, who had plenty of picks in the 2013 NFL draft orchestrated a trade with the New England Patriots to pick up their first offensive player, Cordarrelle Patterson, at No.29 overall on Thursday.
The Minnesota Vikings traded-in their second, third, fourth and seventh round picks to the New England Patriots to acquire the 29th overall pick. In return, the New England Patroits, who began the draft with just five picks (including two in the seventh-round), left Thursday night with incredible draft flexibility for the following two days. The Minnesota Vikings will now remain inactive until Saturday, after handing over four picks to the New England Patriots.
It is a bold move by the Minnesota Vikings, especially to acquire a receiver that is considered to be a project after spending just one year in Division I football after transferring from Hutchinson Community College in Kansas over the past season. But despite concerns about his immaturity on and off the field, Cordarrelle Patterson was projected amongst the top -four wide receivers in the draft.
Cordarrelle Patterson has good speed and size, boasting that is usually looked for in a prototypical wide receiver. The 22-year-old Cordarrelle Patterson also has a knack for making big-plays (16.9 yards per reception) and can help to stretch the field for the Minnesota Vikings while providing them with a deep threat from the outside. Cordarrelle Patterson can also play in the slot if the coaches call on him.
Moreover, the move provides quarterback Christian Ponder surround with another formidable offensive weapon, following the free agent signing of veteran Greg Jennings, who could also serve as Cordarrelle Patterson’s mentor. Cordarrelle Patterson will need all the help he can get so that he doesn’t become the precedent of a high-risk draft signing that ultimately proved a bust under the Spielman era.
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