Villas-Boas still sees Man Utd contend for Premier League title

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Blog Photo - Villas-Boas still sees Man Utd contend for Premier League title
Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas believes Manchester United will make a strong comeback to defend their Premier League title even though they have struggled to make an impact this season.
Under the new Old Trafford boss David Moyes Manchester United kicked off their seasonal activities with an unconvincing start in the Premier League. Moyes has been under scrutiny for Manchester United’s poor run of form, but with support from the administration.
Villas-Boas insists he was under more pressure to succeed back when he was at Chelsea than Moyes is at Manchester United. Moyes has learnt he in under fire from groups of Manchester United for failing to live up to the expectations. Clearly, filling up Sir Alex Ferguson’s boots is easier said than done.
Manchester United look set to lose the Premier League title, but Villas-Boas insists there is reason for hope. Manchester United have gone through almost all of their difficult matches and are slowly building up momentum after a mega-transition.
“What I would say is they [United] are definitely sitting in a very position because the fixtures that they have played have been very difficult and they look to be coming back strong and achieving the results that they need,” Villas-Boas said.
“I would suppose they will re-join the rest of the top teams and by the end of the season. The distance [between them and the top sides] is nothing in the Premier League and I would guess that they will be competing for the top place.
“For the champions of England to be sitting in their position, there has not been a lot of drama, to be fair. I was involved in another club before and there was more drama surrounding my results than Man United’s results.”
Tottenham Hotspur will have their own test for the title on Sunday when they travel to Goodison Park for an exciting battle with Everton. For now Tottenham Hotspur remains in contention for the Premier League title, but their form has been very unconvincing.
Villas-Boas claims he expects an intense battle for the Premier League title. The Portuguese tactician also believes that this season will be full with quite a few surprises.
“From eighth to first place it is very, very tight and we will see teams going up and down,” Villas-Boas said. “It has broken a little from seventh place up to first now, but United have played all of the most difficult fixtures and can look at the calendar with a little more positivity than others.”
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