Vince Carter fakes injury and dunks against the Golden State Warriors

Was this a dirty move? Or is Vince Carter just getting wiser in his old age?

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Blog Photo - Vince Carter fakes injury and dunks against the Golden State WarriorsAs they noted over at The Basketball Jones, two things that Vince Carter has been known for his entire career are his dunks and fake injuries.

The end of Carter's tenure with the Raptors was marked by suspicious injuries, and Toronto fans are still upset with him for taking as much time off as possible, and not playing as hard as they'd like when he was actually on the court.

This play featured both of those things. He started with the fake injury, and it was VERY convincing. The Warriors stopped paying any attention to him whatsoever. That left Vince wide open under the basket, where he took the pass and went up for a nice dunk.

Check it out:

Video courtesy of The Basketball Jones

So what's your take on this play?

Was this a dirty play by Vince? Or was it just a savvy move by a veteran player trying to gain an advantage?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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that's not really a dirty move.. dirty moves aren't like that