Vince Young, a success story for the Eagles?

11/23/11 in NFL   |   SamuelWhale   |   589 respect

Coach Andy Reid has confirmed that quarterback Michael Vick will not be appearing for the Sunday game against the New England Patriots. The Eagles (4-6) are scheduled to host the Patriots (7-3) this week. After making a successful 17-10 start against the New York Jets last week, Young will be staring in the offense for the 2nd time this season.

Reid informed that Vick had skipped practice and the medical team is due to assess his recovery later in the day. Reid also stated that Young took the reps in the training, therefore he is the most likely candidate to start on the weekend. Young has been on the bench for a major part of the season, as Vick continued to play in spite of injuries. Nonetheless, Young was impressive against the Jets as he strung together 18 plays under pressure.

Reid acknowledged Young’s efforts. Praising Young, Reid said, “ Under pressure he focused it in. He started off a little bit slow. I felt like he was getting used to the speed of the game. It's a little different than going up against the scout team or being a part of the scout team. He progressively got better and kind of settled down and did a very nice job. Really, his last 19 throws were pretty good.

Reid stated that Young has grown a lot of confidence since the long drive against the Jets. Young completed 23 of his 36 passes for 258 yards and assisted in 2 touchdowns. Young also had 3 interceptions which smudged his performance but Young continued to play prudently and ended up with a deserved win.

Reid commented, “Look, I think it was good from a - probably the main thing I would tell you is that Vince came here under a bit of scrutiny. I'm also good friends with Jeff Fisher, so I understand the situation that took place there. He came here with a little bit of a cloud over his head, but he's done nothing but work hard [and] study - he's doing it the right way. He and Michael [Vick] have developed a very close relationship as has Mike Kafka - that group is very tight. I think Michael's example has been very good for Vince. I think Vince's attitude has just been unbelievable.”

Reid also spoke about the talks he had with Jeff Fisher when he was looking into Young. Reid stated, “I've talked to Jeff over the years, so I - Jeff's never going to say - he never hits on the negative on anybody. That's just not how he does, so I don't even go there with him. Obviously, I have the defensive line coach from his team here [Jim Washburn] so I knew that part of it; I had talked to him about him before we brought [Vince] here but I didn't go there with Jeff. He always said positive things about him, so I was good with that.

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