Vinny Del Negro's Status a Question Mark

Donald, Why the Wait?

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It was reported on Friday that Vinny Del Negro and Clippers owner Donald Sterling were set to meet this past weekend to discuss his future with the club. Monday has come and yet there is still no word. 

Blog Photo - Vinny Del Negro's Status a Question MarkThe Clippers won 56 games and the Pacific Division title for the first time in franchise history. They held home court-advantage in their first round series for the first time since 2006. They went on a historic 17-game win streak in December, marking the first time they have recorded an undefeated month in the regular season. 


The Clippers, after taking a 2-0 lead in their first round matchup with the Memphis Grizzlies, collapsed and lost four straight games for a first round elimination. For a team that went to the Conference semifinals a year prior, losing in the first round is a downright failure. 

For a team that supposedly upgraded its roster from a season prior, the Clippers tripped over their own feet. Vinny was unable to make mid-game, post-game or in-game adjustments for his team - because you just kept watching the same offense come up the floor - hero ball, last second shots while the shot-clock runs out on a contested 26 footer. Jamal Crawford and Chris Paul are great one-on-one players, without question. But when you look at a different team who tries to sustain that offensive model (New York Knicks with Carmelo and JR Smith), you understand why it just doesn't work.

Vinny has yet to comprehend that, or he just does not have the wherewithal to demand excellency from his players, specifically his stars. No offensive fluidity allows the defense to focus their energy on the guy with the ball, thus making it very difficult to consistently score. 

Donald, please, for your loyal fan-base, for SportsCenter, for the city of Los Angeles, don't bring him back in a coaching role. If he wants to aid in a front office role, he is more than welcome to join the team in a part-time advisory role - he did partake in personnel decision-making over the last offseason and the talent was on the roster, but he was unable to demand perfection the way a championship team needs.
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Absolutely right.  Time to move on from the Vinny Del Negro experiment.