Virginia Tech honors Sandy Hook Elementary School on helmets

Virginia Tech's helmets will honor the Sandy Hook victims

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Blog Photo - Virginia Tech honors Sandy Hook Elementary School on helmetsIt's possible that no one will truly be able to understand the pain that the families in Newtown, CT are feeling. But if there's any major college that might be able to even slightly empathize, it's Virginia Tech.

They've had their share of tragedy, particularly a shooting in 2007 that killed 32 people.

In an act of remembrance, as well as a show of solidarity with the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims, the Virginia Tech Hokies will wear a special helmet with a large ribbon that reads "58 prevail."

Coach Frank Beamer explained:
"It's just one of those things that we've been through what those people up in Sandy Hook are going through. We prevailed in Blacksburg. I think if anything, it brought us closer and more determined, and the same thing is going to happen there. The way the community is coming together. It's a terrible thing to happen. We've got to prevail. We can't let one person define Blacksburg or Virginia Tech, and we can't let (one) person define (Newtown)."

The 58 signifies the 26 victims in Newtown, and the 32 victims in Virginia Tech.

The Hokies will also wear a small ribbon on their jerseys. This is a classy move by a classy team, with a classy coach in Beamer.
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