Von Miller going for Cam Newton’s ‘Superman’ celebration on sack

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Football is a high-speed contact sport. Naturally you’d expect the players to be equally charged and in rhythm with the pace of the game. That’s why the players often let their emotions rip while celebrating a key successful play. Each player has a somewhat of a trademark celebration routine that quickly catches on with fans.
Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is no different. And Von Miller’s sack dance celebrations ultimately serve a good cause. Each time Von Miller the performs a crazy dance celebration upon a sack, his charity for  that provides, eye exams, glasses and contacts for needy children gets a $1,000 donation.
But this time, Von Miller plans to give his sack dance celebration an ironic twist in the Denver Broncos’ very next road game against the Carolina Panther on Sunday. Von Miller swore that if he sacks Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton on Sunday, instead of his signature DeSoto Shuffle dance, the fans will get to see him do “The Superman” – Newton's favored celebration upon touchdowns.
Von Miller is tied for the second rank in the league with nine sacks so far this season, and is already mentally playing the image of himself ripping off the jersey, in a spitting image Cam Newton’s Superman celebration.
"That would be great," Von Miller reflected Thursday, upon possibly accomplishing the Superman celebration with a sack on Cam Newton. "I hope I get a chance to do it."
However, Von Miller isn’t driven by revenge or any sort of disrespect to Cam Newton. In fact, Von Miller claimed he’s a huge fan of Cam Newton and the two have been good friends even before the drafts, when the Denver Broncos drafted him at No.2 and Carolina Panthers took Newton with the No.1 overall pick.
"I'm his biggest fan,” said Von Miller, “But Sunday, I definitely want to win."
Von Miller will meet Cam Newton for the first time in a regular season game when the 5-3 Denver Broncos visit the 2-6 Carolina Panthers on Sunday, with the 2011 Pro Bowl face-off excluded from the equation. And both had been quite evenly matched then when no side appeared more dominant in the pass rush game.
"This is the best sport in the world, so to get to go out there and show excitement in front of millions of people,” said Von Miller, “that's like you're getting paid to party.”
Cam Newton admired his rival’s many strengths and called Von Miller an “all-around” defender.
"Von is a very elusive defender. He's not very big in stature but he wreaks havoc with the things he brings to the table,” said Cam Newton. “He plays linebacker. He plays defensive end. He can cover. He can pressure the quarterback.”
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