WBO will re-examine controversial Pacquiao defeat

Fixing the fix? WBO will re-examine Pacquiao decison

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Blog Photo - WBO will re-examine controversial Pacquiao defeatWith anyone and everyone who cares about boxing fully convinced that Saturday's Pacquiao-Bradley fight was an obvious fix, one of boxing's major sanctioning bodies is hitting back in a big way. The World Boxing Organization said in a statement that they will hold a special review of the controversial judging that awarded Timothy Bradley a split decision victory over Manny Pacquiao.

If you lost money, this does not mean you'll get your money back. This is fairly unprecedented territory here, and it is unclear what advantage or improvement such a review could offer.

World Boxing Organization president Francisco "Paco" Valcarcel released a statement Tuesday night saying the WBO would "review" the decision, with five "recognized international judges" who would "evaluate the video of the match and agree to what emerges."

"I want to clarify that in no way does this say we are doubting the capacity of these judges, which we consider as honest and competent judges," Valcarel said in the statement.

Blog Photo - WBO will re-examine controversial Pacquiao defeatThere's really not a lot they can do. Remember, the WBO is only one of four sanctioning organizations that regulate championship bouts and award titles. The others are the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Council, and International Boxing Federation. You'd be forgiven for getting them confused.

Probably the most decisive action the WBO could take, after reviewing the match with different judges, would be to simply call for a rematch. This is totally unnecessary, as Pacquiao's contract already called for a rematch if he were to lose the match.

Pacquiao has already said he wants a rematch. Bradley has already agreed to it. Bob Arum has already scheduled Pacquiao to fight again November 10, so the pieces for this rematch have already fallen together.

The question is -- after Saturday's shenanigans, who on earth would want to lay money on or pay to see Pacquiao-Bradley II?
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