4/25/08 in MLB   |   norcalsurfer777   |   respect

The season is still still new but The Mariners have already raised some scortching hot red flags. The biggest and most obvious problem is that massive blackhole that we have to call our bullpen. It is the place were wins go to die and become instant losses. Seven games can be blamed on the bullpen for their total inability to hold on to three or less innings. At the major league level there is no excuse for that and it not acceptable. These guys stink. As a life-long fan of the M's I am left pulling my hair out everytime our starter is yanked.


One question I have is WHY McLaren do you keep allowing these bums to ruin games?? You watch a struggling offense put up a nice lead; a starter gives a good if not great effort and then YOU let these jokers take the bump!!! There are a lot of levels in professional baseball. I know the players are not in the majors for certain reasons, but come on a weekend warrior can come in and allow five walks, three hits and four runs in an inning. I am sick of watching Mark Lowe, Roland - Smith, Sean Green and the rest of the goof balls blowing leads. These don't belong in the majors. Yet McLaren keeps running these dudes out there. Right now we can recover but another month or two of these losing games for us it will be too late. If McLaren isn't going to address the problem maybe someone else should be calling the shots.


One thing I have noticed is that ALL of the pitchers are having problems finding the strike zone. Where ya' at Mel Stottlemyre? Help these guys....PLEASE! I am not worried about the hitting, that will come around. The bullpen needs to be addressed and it needs to be addressed RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow McLaren, not next week, but now. If you run any of the goofs out there tonite................well then I don't know what but I know I will sulk for another night. Oh yeah why all of the errors and horribe hitting? Maybe we need more help than just the bullpen.

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