Wade Dealing With Leg Injury, Pacers Sitting Pretty On 2-1 Series Lead

5/18/12 in NBA   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

May 15, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Indiana Pacers shooting guard Paul George (left) and small forward Danny Granger (right) celebrate their 78-85 win over the Miami Heat in game two of the Eastern Conference semifinals of the 2012 NBA Playoffs at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIREWell, this is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. Or I guess put all your eggs in three baskets. You drop two baskets and your left with one basket full of little choke artist baby chickens. (Not the first time Chris Bosh has been involved in a bird-related analogy). The Heat put all their money into three guys, and surrounded them with some very mediocre talent. Now they got Bosh out indefinitely, and Wade getting treatment on a leg injury. It looks like Wade will continue to play through his injury, but if he keeps performing like he did last night (5 points, 2-13 shooting, 1 assist, 5 turnovers) he may as well just whip out one of his high fashion hipster suits and take a seat next to Spoelstra.

The Pacers, on the other hand, spread their eggs around and put them in a bunch of baskets. And look at them now! One basket fouls out or can't make a shot, no big deal, they've got plenty of other baskets to fall back on. I was sitting at the bar Monday night when the Heat were up 1-0 saying that this series has a good chance of going seven games. I was LAUGHED at. Well I'm not sure if it will go seven games anymore... the Pace Show might take it in SIX. 19 point loss?! Mario freakin' Chalmers as the leading scorer?! Come on, Heat. What's up with that? Two of the Heat's starters didn't even score. Ronny Turiaf led the team with 8 rebounds and he only played 16 minutes. Juwon Howard got in the game. Last time I saw him on TV I was watching "The Fab Five" documentary on ESPN. The Heat bombed with Bosh Spice sidelined and D-Wade gimpy. There's now more pressure on LeBron to get it done for Miami, and we all know he does NOT want that.

But let's talk about the Pacers. Can we talk about the Pacers? What a fantastic performance. A back and forth slugfest in the first half that saw each team shine for spurts, then go dull. Then in the second half, coach Frank Vogel (who, as I've said before, is my coach of the year) gets his team to come out straight ballin'. Let's take a look at some of
my key players I named on Monday. We got Roy Hibbert straight postin' and toastin'. Had a double-double in the first half. Finished with 19 points, 18 boards, and 5 blocks. George Hill was great. 20 points on only 8 shots, 5 assists, perfect 5-5 from the line. Darren Collison put up one of his all-to-common duds, but if Hill can play like this and Collison gets going, watch out. Danny Granger struggled, was only 6-15 from the field for 17 points, but managed 12 second half points including several tough shots during the Pacers' coffin nailing run. Pair that with his 7 rebounds and 4 assists and that's a solid game. Plus, something that may go unnoticed, his defense on LeBron was impeccable. 22 points on 10-22 shooting for LeBron. He had more turnovers than assists (3 assists, 4 turnovers). He only went to the line THREE times! People say they don't play defense in the NBA, and maybe they don't over in Golden State, but Golden State ain't in the playoffs. To be great you need to play defense, and the Pacers can play defense.

My last thought is that if LeBron doesn't come into the Fieldhouse with a chip on his shoulder and shut up the entire city of Indianapolis, I've lost all my respect for him. Did you happen to see
Lance Stephenson sending the choke signal LeBron's way? That's a 21 year old head case who averages a career 2.6 points per game mocking the self proclaimed "king." I don't think a king would have any of that garbage. Joffrey would have his head (Game of Thrones?). Lance Stephenson came into the game last night for one minute. In that minute he missed a shot, fouled someone, and turned it over. Literally put something in every negative stat category there is. LeBron better come out in Game 4 shooting for 50 and a triple-double. If he comes out with another peasant-like performance, my respect hits rock bottom.
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