Wade’s Knee Drain

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Blog Photo - Wade’s Magical Knee Drain
After Dwyane Wade’s 5 points and 5 turnovers in Game 3 of the NBA playoffs, Miami Heat fans had to have been wondering what was going on with their superstar. 
According to Michael Wallace, “Multiple sources close to Wade and the team told ESPN.com Sunday night that he required the minor draining procedure (for his knee) on Wednesday before the team's loss in Game 3.”
This would obviously explain Wade’s subpar performance in the first 3 games against the Indiana Pacers.
Game 1 (8-23 shooting)
Game 2 (8-22 shooting)
Game 3 (2-13 shooting)
Most players take a few days off after their knees have been drained; a luxury that Dwayne Wade did not have been between Game 2 and Game 3, especially with Chris Bosh out.
Game 4, however, was entirely a different story.  Wade looked like a new man with a new body and responded with herculean numbers of 30 pts, 9 rbds, and 6 assists. 

"I'm a no-excuse type person," Wade said. "When I'm on the basketball court, I'm all about trying to help my team win. Obviously, when things are going great, everyone pats you on the back. When things are not going great, some people turn their back. But I'm the kind of person that always believe in myself, believe in my teammates and know that it can always turn around."
Wade has been hush-hush about what exactly has been ailing him until recent reports, but if he continues to play the way that he did in Game 4, it may not matter, his game will do all the talking.
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