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Wake Me Up When September Comes!

4/21/08 in General Sports   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

Playoffs are everywhere.  To be honest I do not care.  Wake me up when the NBA finals

are complete in 2 months.  I will awake for the NFL draft.  Hockey is great to watch on HD.  The NBA is fake and the West will almost undoubtedly win.  The Kentucky Derby is coming up and that is exciting.  MLB is in full swing and I am left wondering where all the Power went.  Perhaps in Chase Utleys arms or Derrek Lee's bat.  Nate McClouth looks like the lone bright spot for the Pirates and the Indians look like a pile of $hit.  Cliff Lee however has regained his form!  Some people think this is the best time for sports...I football and no Tiger Woods for a few weeks...Come on September.  Fantasy Football I love ya!

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5/2/08   |   kizzlep

I second that Country

4/22/08   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

As a kid I didn't have all these "League Passes" that I could order for my TV pleasure. I've trained myself to take that little time off at the end of the Summer right before the NFL starts in order to "Cleanse" myself from my obsessive sports habits...The Pennant Race hits at the same time as NFL Opening Week...MLB finishes up when the NFL is at Mid-Season, and then when the NFL is finishing up, the NBA is 2-3 months into their own season...Just as the NBA playoffs (a.k.a. the 2nd season) are finishing, I'm drinking beers at 1:00PM in Downtown San Diego watching the Padres under a baking Sun...I really look forward to Fantasy Football as well...I love NFL Ticket!!!!!!

4/22/08   |   country323

For sure.  Come on Fantasy Football

4/21/08   |   SOS

I found  truth and humor in above Blog. Not watchimg pro sports really makes me yen for September. Being a baseball fanatic makes me appreciate this time of year . Hockey is huge with the playoffs and golf is mainly , mainly Tiger. Of course Nascar is dynanic just not for me and I will say Basketball if they let it would bore you for 12 months. Like the Blog a lot. Pretty funny pretty true,