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Blog Photo - Walking On SunshineYeah, I could get all wound up about the way the Nets let their game get away from them last night, and how it prevented me from cashing a 7th straight ticket.  While it's never good to lose the game, I can't get all wired about it.  Even with the loss, it was an outstanding 6-2 week (4-0 with college hoops and 2-2 in the NBA).  And it didn't hurt the overall record for the month so far which now stands at 14-6 (9-1 with college hoops and 5-5 in the NBA) at the halfway point of March.  Let's continue.

 THE NBA  (2-4 ATS/4-2 SU/4-2 TOTALS yesterday, 27-26/34-19/23-30 for the week and 53-51/69-33/45-59 so far for the month)

BUTTA  (0-1 last night, 2-2 for the week and 5-5 so far for the month)
RAPTORS (-190) over Suns - For some reason, no one wants to talk about the Dinos, but they're rock solid.  Something about this matchup though, tells me not to lay the wood with them.

Bobcats 106 Suns   92
BUCKS (+6, O197 1/2) 109 RAPTORS (-4 1/2, U203) 111
Rockets 101 Celtics (+5 1/2, O195 1/2)   99
HEAT (-5 1/2, O208 1/2) 113 PELICANS 101
Kings   97 Mavs 112
WOLVES (-8, U211 1/2)     110 THUNDER (-7 1/2, O215) 124
Jazz   81 Warriors   94
SPURS (-15, U199) 113 BLAZERS (+2, U208) 108
Cavs (+11, O207 1/2) 102    
CLIPPERS 110    

---The number for the Bobcats/BUCKS game looks a little outrageous to me.  I think the 'Cats should win easily, but they haven't been a good road team at all lately.
---At some point, the Heat are going to start taking things seriously.  My guess is that will happen sometime around Easter when the playoffs start.  Right now, though, The Champs are poison.

 COLLEGE HOOPS  (10-5 ATS/8-6 SU/7-8 TOTALS yesterday, 67-57/71-45/65-59 for the week and 140-121/167-84/142-119 so far for the month)

BUTTA  (no play yesterday, 4-0 for the week and 9-1 so far for the month)
PARLAY: Georgia St. (-290) over Louisiana and Florida (-270) over Kentucky - I realize that the prices on both these games fall within the limits of what I'm willing to accept as a payout for the risk that I would put into each game, but I can save a play here by just making one on 2 teams that should have no problem winning.  Georgia St. is the class of the Sun Belt and has been all season long.  Even taking into consideration that Louisiana is essentially a home team in New Orleans, there is no worry about the effort and focus State will have today.  The NCAA isn't going to be knocking down any doors to have 2 Sun Belt teams in The Madness, so this is, for all intents and purposes, a "win and you're in" game.  In the SEC, the only hurdle left for Florida is securing the #1 overall seed for The Madness.  I don't know if that's a huge carrot for the Gators to chase, but when this team is on, they can't be beat.

Duke 54 Michigan St. 68
Virginia (+1, U128 1/2) 65 Michigan (+3, O138) 76
Kentucky 52 Louisiana 60
Florida (-6 1/2, U130)             69 Georgia St. (-6 1/2, U150 1/2) 80

I'd like to thank "The Academy" for setting up a schedule last night that allowed me a nice open window for finally getting some solid sack time.  It was much needed and much appreciated.  Have a grand and glorious Sunday.  If you can believe it, after a 70+ day here in God's Country yesterday, there was snow blowing around this morning when I woke up.  Amazing!  Be careful out there, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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