Warren Sapp says Gregg Williams' speech was heinous and egregious

Warren Sapp chimes in on Gregg Williams, reveals himself to be merely a hypocrite with a thesaurus

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Warren Sapp has been pretty outspoken on the Saints bounty scandal, and he might be better off keeping his mouth shut at this point.

Sapp's latest comments are a bit over the top and don't exactly match up to what he said earlier.

After hearing Gregg Williams' speech to the Saints, Sapp referred to it as "the most heinous, egregious thing in the history of this game."

While I'm certainly no advocate of the Saints' bounty program, is it really the most heinous, egregious thing in the game? That's a bit of a stretch.

Forget the fact that Sapp probably has no idea what words like "heinous" and "egregious" means, hat about a few weeks ago, when he called out Jeremy Shockey as the "snitch" who leaked the story to NFL authorities?

If Sapp was so vehemently opposed to the idea of paying players to injure their opponents, why would he get in a Twitter war and almost a legal battle with Shockey after claiming that he was the snitch?

Sapp's statements just don't match up with what we've seen from him.

More from Sapp's interview:
"Not for one second would I sit in a room and listen to someone say, 'We're going to take out someone's ACL' without standing up and saying, 'What the hell are you talking about?' The way you play defense isn't about malice. It's about putting you in fourth-and-more than you can handle."

The thing is, this goes directly against everything we're hearing from players. Many of them, particularly defenders, claim that these bounty programs are hardly unusual. The Saints are the only ones who were caught red-handed, but it's clearly a bigger problem than people think.

The biggest irony is that Sapp's website is QBKilla.com, and his twitter name used to be @QBKILLA. Here's a guy who calls himself a quarterback killer and condemns a player for supposedly snitching on his coaches (commissioner Roger Goodell says Sapp was wrong, for the record), but says that he'd do the same thing if he were in that situation.

Sorry Warren, that just doesn't add up.
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I wonder how Chad Clifton feels about Warren Sapp's high and mighty speech. I'd like to offer Mr. Sapp a beverage: