Washington Capitals Jaroslav Halak goalie looking for retribution versus former team

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Trading players within any franchise is a tricky thing. The organization knows that it is looking for the best interests of their team and future and at the same time the player understands their situation. But at times there is no stopping the trade involving a level of sentiment from the player as they put hard work in making up the team.
They give their best performance so that the team may win and are responsible for the wins. The Saint Louis Blues traded their goaltender Jaroslav Halak to the Buffalo Sabres for theirs and there was no hiding that Halak didn’t like the trade one bit.
The Sabres were at the bottom and the Blues were making it to the playoffs, were even strong contenders for the Stanley Cup. Therefore getting traded at such a junction in the season where the goalie has put so much in the games and is responsible for the position the team is in simply made things bitter for Halak.
Now playing for the Washington Capitals, Halak said that he put quite a lot in that team and was doing his best to get them postseason. Then the trade came in. He did add that he understood the stance of the club but at the same time couldn’t help but feel a bit dejected and angry.
“Obviously, I wasn’t happy when I got traded. You’re trying to build something with the team. You try to play well for them and then you get traded,” Halak said. “It’s part of the job, part of the business, but at the same time they were great people, the whole team and coaching staff and everybody there. Obviously, I have great memories.”
On Tuesday the Capitals will be the guests for the Saint Louis Blues with the playoffs at stake. If they win the Capitals will still get to fight for the playoffs. A loss would eradicate the chances that they have. Capitals head coach Adam Oates said that he would probably play the player against his former team so that he could have closure and peace over that matter. After all any player deserves that.
And Halak on the other hand agrees with the notion and said he was looking forward to the chance to face his ex-team and prove to them he was a better player than the one they knew.
 “I played there four years, I know these guys,” Halak said. ‘We’ll see. Obviously, I’m looking forward to going back there.”
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