Washington Capitals Michal Neuvirth getting back his starting position

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen Washington Capitals goaltender Michal Neuvirth came on the ice on November 29 last year for warm ups before the game, the Capitals fans heavily cheered for him. Little did he know disaster was about to follow. The Capitals were set to face the Montreal Canadians and Neuvirth was the starting goaltender. 
He didn’t get to do that because during the warm ups he slipped on the puck and ended up sustain injury to the Achilles tendon. And that injury led to one event after another which made a mess of his career. 
When he went down, Philipp Grubauer came to cover for him and played as backup to Braden Holtby. However, the tables turned and Grubauer ended up winning the starting goalie job. Grubauer proved himself to be an excellent goalie with lightning fast reflexes and his stats were just as good. The team and the fans liked him too. Although Neuvirth did recover from his Achilles injury, the only the thing he could do now was watch Grubauer work with Holtby. Seeing all this, Neuvirth felt his run with the team was over and with a heavy heart on December 29 filed a request for trade. 
But things took a different turn as Grubauer was sent back and that left Neuvirth and Holtby working to defend the net again. On Tuesday the team faced the New York Islanders and that was the third start in a row that Neuvirth has had. Following the game it was easy to see he was disappointed.
“I felt good, you know,” Neuvirth said. “Last game, I let in five and we still won. Today, one goal goes in and we lose. That’s hockey.” 
Neuvirth mentioned that the offense was weak on their behalf and they missed a bunch of chances due to bad play. He added that they were a team and the only thing they could do was learn from the mistakes and come back stronger for the next match.
“We talk about it every day. We can’t take penalties,” Neuvirth said. “We had lots of scoring chances, but their goalie made some big saves, too. It’s a frustrating loss, but its hockey and we have to regroup and get ready for the next one.”
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