Washington Capitals going up against Boston Bruins winning streak

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The Washington Capitals have gaps of 3 days between games and that has allowed them to prepare, analyse their position and see where they stand in the Eastern Conference. They are looking to get the remaining 2 wild card positions and don’t want to rely on any tie breakers to put them in the hand of chances.
With the time at hand they have utilized well, they have come to grips with the fact that they will have to win many of their games to make that possible and in doing so will have to overcome one of the major obstacles in their course and that will be the Boston Bruins.
The Bruins aren’t just another team in the NHL that they will be facing but are among the top elite. They have been giving solid performances, the players are hyped to make it to the playoffs strong and their recent scores are testament that they mean business on the ice. The Capitals are the only team that managed to get a victory from the Bruins after the Olympic Break. This all means that despite the standing of Bruins the Capitals actually have even chances and are equally matched in calibre.
And this also means that they fear factor the Bruins bring on the ice will be negated. The Capitals are not to be bullied around as they not only have had time to prepare but are ready to go in the fight. The Capitals recently have a score of 6-3.
Capitals coach Adam Oates said that the Bruins were a solid team that played a very high calibre of hockey so they were not to be trifled with. He added that they had the ability to bring a team to their knees with domination so they would have to take the match very seriously so they got least amount of chances to try and make that happen.
“They’re going on all cylinders, they’re a good hockey team. Very good hockey team. I think one of the reasons is we respect them,” Oates said. “We know they’re a good hockey team and if you’re not ready to play them they can embarrass you. I’m hoping we have the effort we had in there [on March 1] and we can play solid and not give them much.”
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