Washington Capitals in deep trouble as they try to get into the playoffs

4/6/14 in NHL   |   Mia781   |   953 respect

The Washington Capitals this season were definitely not the best team and axed their own legs in many situations. They lost game after game and just early in the season had already made their chances of going into the playoffs a far shot. They have been in the last 6 playoffs and as they attempt to somehow make their space in the seventh consecutive one, they will have to resort to drastic measures to make that happen.
On Saturday they managed to win against the New York Islanders 4-3 in shootouts and those gave some fresh breath to keep the hopes up but as the last few games of the regular season are being played by the teams, they will have to look at how the other teams fare in their matchups as they will be big factors in deciding whether he wins or not.
The Capitals will have the Sunday to them as the day off to rest and get ready to give their all in the coming games. Nevertheless the practices will continue and as they practice on Monday at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, they will have to bear in mind that the coming road games on Tuesday against the Saint Louis Blues and Carolina Panthers on Thursday are a must win to get solid grounds for playoff qualification.
And as the other games go along for the teams in NHL, they too will decide whether they qualify for the playoffs or the streak will end. Keeping this in mind, the Capitals fans will definitely be watching what is the outcome of the other matches. The Capitals have had a rough season so far and now they are reliant on the outcome of how the other teams will do. Conclusion of their matches will decide whether they make it or not. 
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