Washington Capitals shake up Front Office

Caps GM and Coach shown the door

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Blog Photo - Washington Capitals shake up Front OfficeWhile the rest of the world is watching the NHL Playoffs, many of the teams who didn't make it to the off-season look for positive changes for the coming year.  While we joke that the players who don't make it to playoffs frequent the golf courses, the team owners often sit down with their advisors to determine the best course of action.  

Unfortunately, that often means a change of coaching staff and/or the General Manager.  In the case of the Washington Capitals, both were shown the door.

George McPhee has been with the Caps' front office for 17 full years, and I, for one, am not surprised with this move.  I believe it is time for some fresh blood, someone to take the Caps in a new direction, perhaps one that will lead to a Stanley Cup.

Adam Oates, on the other hand, has only been with the team for two years.  Granted, he doesn't seem the right kind of head coach.  As many others have suggested, he might have been better suited to an Assistant Coaching position.  His leadership wasn't strong, and he was critical of his players, rather than presenting a united front.  When any member of a team tries to place blame on any one person, the media immediately jump on that comment and no amount of backtracking or apologizing will change that.  

Blog Photo - Washington Capitals shake up Front OfficeMcPhee was responsible for the signing of Alex Ovechkin, but Ovie and Oates did not seem to be a good match.  Ovechkin is, by all accounts, a top tier player, and he was the top scorer with his team.  That comes as no surprise, but one man is not a team.  He cannot single-handedly take his team to the Stanley Cup.  The team finished on the plus side, but fell short of the playoffs.  

What do you think?  Was this a good move for the Caps?  Who do you see as the successors?  
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