Washington Redskins HC Mike Shanahan benches Rex Grossman - Opts to start John Beck

Why Shanahan wants Grossman to stay on the bench

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Quarterback Rex Grossman knew he was in trouble when Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan summoned him and John Beck into his office on Tuesday. Shanahan had a small meeting with duo and informed them that Beck was now his no.1 choice as a quarterback. Shanahan also informed that Beck would be the one to start against Carolina Panthers this weekend.

Just around 6 weeks ago Grossman bested Beck, who was chosen as the secondary option for the quarterback role at the Redskins. The last time Beck started in a match was when he was a rookie with the Miami Dolphins. Beck and Miami recorded a woeful 1-15. However, Beck impressed Shanahan in the 4th quarter against Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday, where he produced the only touchdown drive of the match.

So this brings us to the question: is Beck’s talent the reason behind Grossman’s demotion or is it Grossman’s lack lustrous form? Well, Grossman’s stagnant form and callous passing can be labelled as the main reason behind his failure but there are a couple more too. Recently, Grossman has turned into a ‘turnover machine’, a name he not been able to free himself from. This season, the Redskins already have 9 interceptions with Grossman. Panthers QB Cam Newton has also succumbed to 9 interceptions this season but he has also recorded an impressive 42 more attempts to score in comparison Grossman.

Overall, Grossman has 11 turnovers for the Redskins this season, which also include 2 fumbles. These have been recorded in last 5 games of the season. Also, Grossman has 18 interceptions in 8 games under a Redskins jersey since last season. To sum it up, Grossman has had 46 touchdown passes and 49 interceptions throughout his NFL career.

Grossman is rated 66.5 in the new ratings. With Redskins, Grossman also happens to be the 32nd of 33 quarterbacks NFL has in the league. The 30-year-old veteran, Grossman is just ahead of Indianapolis Colts Kerry Collins who is out of action since Week 3. 

Grossman believes he has had a lot of bad luck this season even though he put in a lot of effort in the matches he played. "The frustrating part about it is I do think that they were good performances. The frustrating part is they should have been great," Grossman said. "I had an opportunity to make it clear as day, and it wasn't. For the first four games, I played well. And I could show you to prove it, but it doesn't matter."

Nonetheless, he wishes Beck well for his venture. In his press release, Grossman vowed to make a comeback and prove the Redskins with his hard work that he is indeed worthy of the no.1 spot.


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It should be pointed out that both the, much maligned, Donovan McNabb and the, now injured, Jason Campbell have both outperformed Grossman.Better than Campbell or McNabb?  Really?!

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For the same reason that everyone else does...

10/20/11   |   JenX63   |   33174 respect

Seriously! Do we have a third string backup?