Washington Redskins head coach says he values time with family

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsNFL is a place where people dedicate their entire lives. Football becomes more than a sport. It becomes a part of life and defines the players. It also costs or rather becomes much of the personal life as well. Many players and coaches are so busy that they often do not get to spend proper time with family.
Many respected coaches and players have often said that they regret not spending enough time with their family and that which they do is cherished. They often talk of how they would trade things for more family time and see the kids grow up in front of their eyes.
And more than often this all ends up as a dream which does not happen. Players spend time on the field and facility, practicing for the next big game or the season and coaches are monitoring them or watching the match videos, making notes and preparing just as the players do. Some even end up sleeping in the same facility where they work.
Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden was also one of the people who said that he wanted to spend more time with his family but he didn’t just go around saying it but actually sacrificed most of his NFL career and coaching job to be more with his family. It was easy to see that he could get a coaching gig in the NFL but he still chose to remain low for most of the time and be with family and his children.
At 46 and highly respected for the potential he packed as a coach, Gruden could have easily made his way to the NFL and a head coach gig if he had chosen the NFL sooner than later. He spent close to a decade in the Arena Football League but that gave him exactly what he wanted. Not only did he earn a good living but also had more time to give his family and three boys, a thing which he was not willing to compromise on. Speculation is that he would still have chosen to be in the AFL if it still existed.
“I liked my job. I had a great time coaching in the arena league. My wife (Sherry) was happy, my kids were happy, I was coaching my kids' basketball and football teams and really enjoying life,” he said. I really had no desire to up and move.”
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