Washington State Football: How Long Can the Cougars Expect Mike Leach to Stay in Pullman?

How Long Will Mike Leach Stay With Washington State?

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By the time Mike Leach’s contract with the Washington State Cougars runs out at the end of the 2018 season, there is a high probability that he will have built the team into a force to be reckoned with in the Pac-12 Conference. Blog Photo - Washington State Football: How Long Can the Cougars Expect Mike Leach to Stay in Pullman?

If the success continues to increase, there is no reason why Leach would leave the program. After all the hard work it will have taken to turn the Cougars into a winning machine, there aren’t many people who would want to abandon such a work of art. 

Leach was fired from Texas Tech for the well-documented incident with him allegedly mistreating a player with a concussion. This is an entirely different scenario. Barring any sort of monkey business that would jeopardize Leach’s job with the team, the Cougars will enjoy Leach's coaching expertise at least until his current contract ends. 

The Cougars are showing an upward trend in terms of wins early on in Leach’s time with the team. In the first season under Leach and his Air Raid system, the Cougars finished 3-9. However, the second year resulted in a 6-6 regular season and a bowl game berth, even though the team eventually lost that bowl game.

At this rate, the Cougars will finish 9-3 in the upcoming season, and a perfect 12-0 in the following year; however, the likelihood of gaining three wins each season is increasingly absurd. 

Success is still on the horizon for this Cougar program. Whether they increase their win total by one or more remains to be seen. Yet, Leach has worked hard during his time with the team to drive out the old recruits and replace them with the players he wants. He has drawn quarterbacks like Tyler Bruggman and Peyton Bender to the program, and has brought in wide receivers to help them in the Air Raid of the future. 

Even though safety Deone Bucannon and cornerback Damante Horton have graduated, the defense will develop with young talent that Leach can mold. 

By the time Leach’s contract expires at the end of 2018, his vision for the program will be in motion, and the Cougars could be a Pac-12 powerhouse. If that happens, it would take extraordinary circumstances, like a lucrative contract elsewhere or some sort of conference sanction, to uproot Leach from his position at the helm of the WSU program. 

Upon his arrival to Washington State, Leach was asked why he chose to coach at that school. He said that was a stupid question. If the success keeps increasing, asking why he would stay would be a stupid question as well.

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