Washington Wizardsí three young key players to watch out for in 2012-2013 seasons

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The Washington Wizards are entering the 2012-2013 season with plenty of young talent and new pieces added to a fresh looking roster. The promising backcourt could become the Washington Wizards strength this season while the newly-recruited big men open options in the inside game.
In fact the Washington Wizards could go far this season with building proper rotation and chemistry on the lineup.
Although the Washington Wizards can’t be expected to immediately jump to the top this season, they will slowly pave the path to future contenders, building on the growth of a few young, key contributors on the team. 
And if the Washington Wizards are able to stir up that spirit within the ranks, look out for the following three players to have big seasons for the team.
  • Bradley Beal
Although shooting guard Bradley Beal still has to pick up on a lot of offensive skills, he has the potential to become a key piece for the Washington Wizards in the near future.
Not only does Bradley Beal boast above average ball handling skills, he is an undisputed scoring threat and who is also capable of putting up solid rebounding numbers. And with the Washington Wizards in no rush for the NBA championship this season, Bradley Beal can instead focus on further evolving as a versatile player.
Bradley Beal’s production at the NBA Summer League shows the potential of an emerging star. There’s just some work that needs to be done on the defensive side and better shot selection to increase those numbers.
  • Jordan Crawford
Jordan Crawford plays a vital role for the team as the sixth man who immediately sparks up the Washington Wizards’ game coming off the bench.
Although he requires a bit tweaks here and there, but Jordan Crawford has huge impact on the scoring coming off the bench and could lead the second team.
Jordan Crawford has strong passing skills. If Jordan Crawford he lets them manifest a little focus on that quality will help build a balance between scoring and distribution. However, Jordan Crawford will be better off concentrating on the defense rather than building a rhythm on the offense this season.
  • John Wall
John wall is again, a young evolving player for the Washington Wizards, who can become key future asset for the team. However, he’s currently sidelined with a knee injury.
The Washington Wizards require a big season from one of their most athletic players and being young, John Wall can be expected to make a fast recovery.
While pairing John Wall up with Bradley Beal in the backcourt opens some options, the duo will require some time to work on their chemistry.
John Wall is spry and brimming with talent and just might deliver a big season for the Washington Wizards when he makes a recovery.
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