Ways to Improve the All-Star Game

7/17/08 in MLB   |   spawn_master   |   18 respect

The All-Star game on Tuesday night was amazing. You don't expect to see games go into the 15th inning. While the game itself was very interesting I think there are a few steps Major League Baseball could take to improve the game.

  1. Allow the fans, the players and managers, and the writers to each get 1/3 of the votes each for the players. In that way you would get a more reflective roster that reflects how players are performing during the season. Each group would then get ownership in helping select the team.
  2. Eliminate the need for each team to have an All-Star representative. The only exception I might make to this is that the team must have at least one player from the team hosting the game. There are some teams that in a particular season really done have an All Star.
  3. Extend the All-Star break. Let all of the teams play their final pre-break games on Sunday. Make Monday a travel day. Run the Home Run Derby on Tuesday, and the game itself on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday would be off days and all teams would resume their schedules on Saturday. In that way there should be no problem due to All-Star pitchers pitching on Sunday.
  4. Instead of having current managers in charge of the game, appoint 2 legendary managers (I.e. Earl Weaver, and Tommy Lasorda) to manage the game. In that way there is no pressure on the managers not to play someone from a  rival team because of the impact on the rival for the rest of the season.
  5. I would require the top 3 home run hitters in each league plus the career leader in home runs for each league to participate in the Home Run Derby. This is a spectacle for the fans and the players should have to participate unless they are on the disabled list.
  6. Stop playing the game for home field advantage. Home field advantage should go to the team with the best record, like it does in every other sport.
  7. Starting position players should be required to play at least 6 innings, and starting pitchers should go at least 3 innings. Once those requirements are met then back-ups should be brought in.
  8. Unless a player is on the disabled list they should not be able to get out of the game. This is a game for the fans and they should get to see the stars that were voted in.

I don't think any of these proposals are unreasonable. They might actually make the game more compelling and appealing to people.

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