Weather-proof Brad Keselowski wins at NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying

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Blog Photo - Weather-proof Brad Keselowski wins at NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying
High-speed winds caused concern for a bunch of drivers at the NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying stage, but they didn’t upset Brad Keselowski as he grabbed his third win of the season. Brad Keselowski started off at eighth place in the race but by Saturday night the 28-year-old had another victory under his belt.
The thunderstorms on the East Coast caused a lot of viewers to miss the race but still there were millions who saw the race. Interestingly, the race itself ended without a single hitch.
The pole leader Jimmie Johnson stayed in front of the pack for first 21 laps only. Kyle Busch and race winner Brad Keselowski were the ones who stayed out in front for most of the time. Brad Keselowski stayed in front for 68 laps.
Kyle Busch looked in good position to end his recent string of poor performances. Kyle Busch has lost a large number of points as of late, which have seen him fall down the pecking order in ratings.
The 27-year-old, who won the NASCAR Nationwide series in 2009, went into the wall and broke a shock absorber to lose his lead. In the end, Kyle Busch managed to acquire 10th place with his banged up car which certainly wasn’t what he had planned for.
The Hendrick Chevrolets had a good time at the NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying stage. However, there were a few problems on and off the track. After losing a lug nut which called for an extra pit stop, Kasey Kahne managed to finish as a runner-up.
Denny Hamlin came in third and Dale Earnhardt Jr. acquired the fourth spot. Fans expected Jeff Gordon to earn a spot in the first three but he ended up fifth.
Tony Stewart and his teammate Ryan Newman had to face a ton of problems at the NASCAR Sprint Cup qualifying stage. Tony Stewart finished 9th mostly because he had to battle with mechanical issues throughout the game. Meanwhile, Ryan Newman blew up his engine which resulted in a 15th place finish for him.
Carl Edwards’ team was responsible for his lack lustrous finish. Last year’s runner up, Carl Edwards had to make a last minute pit stop after his team made a miscalculation about the amount of juice he would need to end the race. Carl Edwards was 20th on the chart at the end of the race.
Brad Keselowski’s third of the season has all but guaranteed a spot for him in the Chase. Meanwhile, Matt Kenseth remains on top of the points table with a huge lead. Meanwhile, the battle between second and third placed Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmi Johnson continues.
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