Weaver and the Angels, Live

Weaver's Dream Had No Giants.....Runs

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Last night's Angel's vs. Giants game capped off the retrospective to the 2002 World Series. How time can change a team - Where Tim Salmon and the rest of the Halos watched, intently, with every swing of Barry Bonds bat back in 2002, the dismal Giants offense of the present had Scioscia's gang paying more attention to the deflated beach ball rolling around in the outfield than the Giants hitters. Locate the sprinklers and do your magic, Crash Davis, this team needs a rain delay, badly! Even Kung Fu Panda Sandoval looks to be missing his "inner peace" , or at least bat speed and the "inner half." Skadoosh!

Every fans favorite words, a free-ticket-in-my-face, left me no choice but to check out this spectacle off of the 5-freeway and take a birds-eye view of Jared Weaver - his first start back from the D.L. My nephew in hand, his first MLB game ever, armed with enough hot dogs and ketchup packets to choke a full-sized goat, I got my first look at the Angels, Pujols and all the hub-bub surrounding them this season. Get out the napkins, this could get messy. 

Weaver was impressive for his first start back. Regardless that the Giants hitters looked like a softball team swinging wooden toothpicks, Weaver's breaking stuff was sharp and his command of the fastball, sharper. Give credit where credit is due, the Giants still have the MLB logo on their sleeves, so shutting them out is worthy of a six-pack from the rookies. Pitching is always key in the warmer months of the season, when the ball starts taking longer trips from the bat, so Mike Scioscia should be feeling satisfied. Every fat man loves a doughnut, especially when it's on the scoreboard. Jordan Walden threw well, and extremely hard, to close out the game and Isringhausen kept things in order, retired as needed, before that. All major plus's for the Halos. The Angels are five games back from the Rangers, currently, and look to be getting hot at the right time - At least until the All-Star break, when teams on a roll always blame the break for messing up hot streaks.
Blog Photo - Weaver and the Angels, Live

Lastly, there was the Albert Pujols show. The last time I saw this guy " in the flesh," was a decade ago at PNC park. The proximity to my 21st birthday, and the extremely clean glass doors at the club-level I kept smacking into, left me a bit fuzzy, but I do remember what a talent he was, even then. I have supported his cause this season, and have debated, strongly, that he will be in true form by the summer. Well, don't look now, but it's summer time and he is missing.....missing something. Mainly, it's the ball. He had a 2-0 count last night in his final at-bat, even the Giants fans next to me waited on edge of their seats to watch the swing he would put on the next pitch - most likely a fastball somewhere around "dead red". He got the pitch, letter high and down the shoot, and did nothing with it. In fact, the swing he put on it looked like the "limp wristed" throwing style made famous by the javelin toss of one Lamar Latrell (See NERDS) The problem is, legality aside, Albert does not have the scientific and creative backing of Harold Wormser to make his bat fit that style. He needs to get over the home-sick Cardinal boy routine and get down to business.
Blog Photo - Weaver and the Angels, Live

Pitching will win the game, but hitting will win the series. World!

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