Week 12 NFL Predictions

Make Your Picks, Before The Tryptophan Sets In [Week 12 NFL Picks]

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Last week,the FanIQ consensus did well, going 13-3 straight up. I was a little worse, at 12-4, but still respectable. Here are this week's games... let's see how things shake out.

Thanksgiving Day

Packers at Lions
FanIQ consensus: Packers 28, Lions 15
My Pick: Packers 31, Lions 10
-Aaron Rodgers is one of the best QB's in the league when he has a chance to showcase his abilities. This will be one of those times.

Raiders at Cowboys

FanIQ consensus: Cowboys 27, Raiders 14
My Pick: Cowboys 38, Raiders 13
-The Raiders blew their load last week against the Bengals, and the Cowboys offense desperately needs/wants to prove that they're better than last week's pathetic performance against the Redskins. Sorry, Raiders. It won't end well for you.

Giants at Broncos

FanIQ consensus: Giants 24, Broncos 21
My Pick: Broncos 20, Giants 17
-The Giants finally snapped their losing streak Sunday against the Falcons. The Broncos defense will finally show up and dominate again, even if Kyle Orton can't play.

Sunday, 1:00

Buccaneers at Falcons
FanIQ consensus: Falcons 25, Buccaneers 14
My Pick: Falcons 27, Buccaneers 14
-The Falcons shouldn't have trouble at home, against a very bad team.

Dolphins at Bills

FanIQ consensus: Dolphins 24, Bills 16
My Pick: Dolphins 24, Bills 17
-While every big name coach rejects the Bills job, they'll just do what they do, and keep on losing.

Browns at Bengals
FanIQ consensus: Bengals 28, Browns 14
My Pick: Bengals 34, Browns 10
-This isn't the Lions. Don't expect another big game from Brady Quinn and that terrible Browns offense.

Colts at Texans
FanIQ consensus: Colts 28, Texans 19
My Pick: Colts 35, Texans 31
-I honestly don't see either of these defenses being able to stop the other team's offense. But in the end, the Colts should out-score them.

Panthers at Jets
FanIQ consensus: Jets 20, Panthers 19
My Pick: Jets 27, Panthers 13
-Jake Delhomme + Darrelle Revis = a terrible combination for the Panthers.

Redskins at Eagles
FanIQ consensus: Eagles 25, Redskins 16
My Pick: Eagles 37, Redskins 10
-The Redskins somehow slowed down the Cowboys offense last week, but can it happen again? Nope.

Seahawks at Rams
FanIQ consensus: Seahawks 22, Rams 16
My Pick: Rams 23, Seahawks 17
-I actually have confidence in the Rams' incompetence, to the point that they'll accidentally win this game, and ruin their chance at the #1 pick.

Sunday 4:00

Cardinals at Titans
FanIQ consensus: Cardinals 24, Titans 20
My Pick: Cardinals 27, Titans 13
-Hopefully this game will put to rest the "Vince Young is a winner" nonsense. He's not a winner... they win when they hand the ball to Chris Johnson, and the other team messes up. It's that simple.

Bears at Vikings
FanIQ consensus: Vikings 29, Bears 17
My Pick: Vikings 30, Bears 20
-The Vikings secondary is going to have some fun with Jay Cutler. He'd be wise to get Matt Forte involved in the short passing game... a LOT.

Chiefs at Chargers
FanIQ consensus: Chargers 27, Chiefs 16
My Pick: Chargers 24, Chiefs 14
-The Chiefs are much improved, but so are the Chargers. And they're just better.

Jaguars at 49ers
FanIQ consensus: Jaguars 21.1, 49ers 20.6
My Pick: 49ers 20, Jaguars 17
-Neither one of these teams are really all that good or that bad, but I give the 49ers a slight edge at home.

Sunday Night Football

Steelers at Ravens

FanIQ consensus: Steelers 23, Ravens 20
My Pick: Ravens 20, Steelers 15
-The Ravens have been playing a lot better than the Steelers as of late. They'll prove it at home.

Monday Night Football

Patriots at Saints

FanIQ consensus: Saints 29, Patriots 25
My Pick: Saints 38, Patriots 30
-I'd love to pick the Pats, but I think the Saints offense will be just a little too much for the Patriots to handle.

Feel free to share your picks in the comments section below, and let us know where everyone is picking wrong. And don't forget to make your picks before the games start, on our NFL Pick 'Em pages.
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11/26/09   |   johnshirey54   |   162 respect

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The Jags are starting to look better, but they are notorious for losing West Coast games they should win, but we'll see.

Also, I would appreciate it if everyone checked out my 2010 NFL Mock Draft.

11/25/09   |   sunflower_sweetheart   |   21 respect

always win the game.

11/25/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

God I hope the niners can win one. This is getting downright ridiculous.

11/25/09   |   suedon70   |   144 respect

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11/25/09   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

There's just something about reading "The Raiders blew their load" that makes me laugh

11/25/09   |   aos035   |   68 respect

I really hope Chris Simms steps up. Last week on 6 dropbacks he was sacked twice. They need to get more protection and he'll start doing well.

11/25/09   |   TheRoss   |   356 respect

Well, the Thanksgiving night game might be pretty good.

11/25/09   |   redsox1002003   |   881 respect

these are the WORST thanksgiving games EVER! im hopeful for a niners win, but im not getting my hopes up with alex smith playing. i hope they draft colt mccoy next year and end this misery