Week 13 FanIQ Sunday Pre-Game and Live Thread

Will the NFL Playoff picture be clearer at the end of Week 13? [NFL Sunday Live Thread]

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Blog Photo - Week 13 FanIQ Sunday Pre-Game and Live ThreadGood morning, all - and welcome to FanIQ's Pre-game Show and Live NFL Sunday Game Thread! This week I thought it would be fun to put my football differences aside with one of the most vocal Chicago Bears fans on the site, since our teams are going up against each other today.

Nick_ (just Nick) needs no introduction, I'm sure. Just in case though...Nick's been with the site for over 2 years this time. He hails from Chicago, is a loyal fan of the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, and Cubs. He's also the author of the Music Storytellers poll series. 

Welcome, Nick! Take it away...

Early Games:

Jags @ Bills
(Insert yawn here) - Both teams have been dealing with injuries to their star RB and both Defenses have struggled mightily. Buffalo should win this one at home and send the Jags closer to that #1 pick in next season's draft. - Buffalo wins this one easily.

Jess: I actually think this might be a decent game. Both teams are putting up decent points, despite their respective W-L records. We might see a battle here. I think this is a high scoring game, Bills winning by a field goal.

Seahawks @ Bears
Seattle is a much better team at home than on the road, but, they have been able to beat Chicago, in Chicago 2 out of the last 3 trips. Here is a little snippet from week 12 Jess: I think this is the week we get an idea of how much trouble the Bears are actually in. For my team's sake next week, I hope this is just the continuance of an implosion. I'm going to call a tough one and say Vikings win here. If they don't, I'm scared. - Yes, Jess....be very scared this week! The Bears Defense is ranked 2nd in the NFL and Cutler-Marshall has been unstoppable. Plus, Forte and Briggs are both playing. Bears win this one by, at least 7+pts

Jess: The Bears always scare the crap out of me, no matter what their season looks like. The Hawks don't play well on the road, that's no secret, and now we have PED distractions on top of it. Ugh. As usual, I'm not picking the winner here. I just hope my team plays the way I know they can, and there are no injuries.

Colts @ Lions
Who would have thought that Colts would be where they are in the standings? And how under-achieved the Lions have been?! Still, I think the Lions have too much talent and are at home, as long as they don't take stupid penalties, they should win - Detroit win by 7+pts.

Jess: Hmmm...I like the Colts in this game. 

Vikings @ Packers
If Percy Harvin is out, it will make the final score even more lop-sided than if he is playing. AP is the only thing the Vikings have going for them right now! GB is coming off a nationally televised embarrassment to the NYG, are at home and will take their frustrations out on the Vikings. LETS GO VIKINGS! - Too bad that GB wins in a blowout.

Jess: I agree. I don't think the Packers are built to lay an egg two weeks in a row. And it'll probably be a blowout.

Texans @ Titans
Oh brother! They say everything is BIG in Texas, well, everything is going to be BIG in Tennessee, like the final score differential. Foster should have a huge game against this poor Tennessee run defense and Schaub, AJ and O.Daniels should have some fun as well - Houston in a major blowout!

Jess: The Texans seem to enjoy giving their fans something to stress over about as much as the Falcons do this year. Great teams, but they let games that shouldn't be close get that way. I won't be shocked to see Houston do it again, and win by just a few points at the last minute here against division rivals.

Panthers @ Chiefs
Beans is da man! Beans is from the Carolina area! There was a quote in my favorite hockey movie, 'Slapshot", that went like this Denis Lemieux: "Who own da Chiefs" / Joe: "It's who owns the Chiefs" / Denis Lemieux: "OWNS OWNS" - well, I have a feeling that Cam and Smitty (Steve Smith) are going to OWN the Chiefs this week - Carolina in a close one (4-6pts)

Jess: I think you're right.

Niners @ Rams
St. Louis always seems to play SF tough, but, they don't always seem to beat them. Will the good luck charm (Kaepernick) continue to shine? Will Gore have a huge game against this Rams defense? Or can St. Louis pull off the upset? SF wins but in a close one, as usual.

Jess: I don't even want to pick this game. 

Pats @ Dolphins
The Patriots are on a roll! Brady is doing his normal thing and they have too many weapons, even with Gronk out. But, this game is in Miami, and it is a divisional game.....still, I think New England wins this by 10+pts (sorry Laurel).

Jess: Eh...yea, this won't even be a fun game to watch. No amount of confidence or momentum the Dolphins may have gained from their win last week is going to help them against the Pats, regardless of Brady's weapons. I think this will be another divisional blowout for the Pats, and we won't even have Sanchez running into anybody's butt to entertain us.

Cardinals @ Jets
Arizona has been a Jeckyl and Hyde team this year. Their top 2 QB's are hurt and their 3rd string QB Lindley is playing more like Lindsay Lohan! The JETS, J-E-T-S, suck! suck! suck! Mark "Dirty" Sanchez has not done the job! They have not utilized Tim "Jesus" Tebow at all, the play calling is weak and their Defense is awful! Still, I think the NYJ win due to being at home and being more desperate to try and make the playoffs? - Jets win a close one.

Jess: I think the Cardinals get a win here. The Jets are just a mess, and Arizona does show some fire at times. I think that a few flashes of greatness by Arizona's defense and a couple of nice catches by Fitzgerald is all the Cards will need to get past NY.

Late Games:

Bucs @ Broncos
The Bucs are a much better team than I thought they would be! Freeman has come into his own this year and V-Jax is everything they thought he would be! Rookie RB D.Martin is your rookie of the year hands down! Denver has HOF bound Peyton Manning looking like he's found the fountain of youth, but, with the loss of McGahee, how much sting will Denver lose in their run-pass balance? Stoney is a cool dude though..so...... - Denver wins.

Jess: I think Denver wins too, again coming from behind.

Browns @ Raiders
Cleveland - enough said! The only thing going for them is T.Richardson! Oakland - what in the hell happened?!?! C.Palmer and revised Defense....yes, I know that losing McFadden was huge, but, that seems to be the case every year. Still, Cali_Kat needs a new job soon and I think she will be their new star RB in those sexy cartoon heels that she portrays in her avatars - Oakland wins by 8

Jess: I thought the Raiders were going to be much better this year too. However, the Browns are awful, and they're in Oakland. The Dawg Pound has nothing on the Black Hole. The Raiders take this one, but not by much.

Bengals @ Chargers
Cincy is coming on strong and making a run at that last WC spot! Andy "Ginger Ninja" Dalton to AJ Green has clicked all season long! SD is in dire straits! They need a new coach and some offensive spark...their Defense is bi-polar, so, who knows which Charger team will show up? - I think SD wins on a last minute FG.

Jess: I think the Bengals win this one. The Chargers are insane, and not in a good way. I will enjoy watching Philip Rivers throw fits.

Steelers @ Ravens
Here we go! These 2 teams and fan bases hate each other as much, if not worse than the Bears-Packers fans! Pittsburgh is in trouble if Big Ben can't play! Baltimore is tough at home! Still, you have 2 solid defenses going against each other and Pittsburgh is desperate for a win to stay in contention! - Baltimore will probably eek one out here but i'm going with the desperation upset by the Steelers - Pittsburgh wins by 2

Jess: I just don't see Pittsburgh winning this game, as much as Flacco might want to give it to them. 


Eagles @ Cowboys
Philly is out of it! Even if they win out, there is no way, in my opinion, that an 8-8 team makes the playoffs! Dallas needs this more and is at home! Lets see if Romo can throw it to only his teammates! Dallas definitely will have a bounce back game after last week. Even though Kevin (richard_cranium) is PQ'ing me until the end of time and DeeRigs is a clown, DallasFan55 has always been nice and sweet, so - Dallas wins by.....oh....lets say 11pts.

Jess: You're right. This year there's no way, especially in the NFC, that an 8-8 team makes the post season. Usually I really enjoy this rivalry game. I probably will again because you just never know what's going to happen between these two teams, no matter what's going on with them against everyone else. It's December. It's Tony Romo. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see the Eagles pull off an improbable win of some sort here, whether it's on turnovers or lucky bounces.

MNF Bonus Pick:

Giants @ Redskins
Hmmmmm......this should actually be a great game to watch! NYG on a high after whoopin GB and RGIII is one of the hottest QB's on the NFL right now! I think JenX's Skins give a wedgie to the G-String Men and win a close one to make that NFC East race much closer - Washington wins by 3 or less.

Jess: The other fun NFC East rivalry. This might be a pretty good game. I think the Giants win, but not without a scare first.

Thanks again for joining us, Nick! 

Please pull up a seat, grab a drink and some snacks, and Q it up here all day and evening for a full Sunday of NFL football and friends!
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12/2/12   |   Jess   |   35092 respect

JenX63 wrote:
that's ok, how bout them Hawks? :)


12/2/12   |   JenX63   |   33152 respect

Jess wrote:
I didn't do a very good job on my picks this week. I meant to come in and say something last night about changing my mind about the Chiefs though...I had a feeling they would come out and play inspired. Such a sad day...for the Browns too.

that's ok, how bout them Hawks? :)

12/2/12   |   Jess   |   35092 respect

I didn't do a very good job on my picks this week. I meant to come in and say something last night about changing my mind about the Chiefs though...I had a feeling they would come out and play inspired. Such a sad day...for the Browns too.

12/2/12   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

I'm shocked the Steelers actually pulled it off down in Baltimore.  I was expecting a loss to be perfectly honest.  I said without Ben the season is over, but this actually gives me hope, although it might be a false hope...

12/2/12   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

Eric_ wrote:
The Steelers are the cockroaches of the NFL. Nothing kills them. Bastards.



12/2/12   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21521 respect

At least the Steelers are still in the hunt for the playoffs...  

12/2/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

The Steelers are the cockroaches of the NFL. Nothing kills them. Bastards.

12/2/12   |   Jess   |   35092 respect

Good news to hear - Sidney Rice is feeling fine and has passed whatever tests they give them after games - said he's cleared to go for next week. Looked worse than it was, seems like. 

12/2/12   |   DallasFan55   |   38115 respect

What a year the Rookie Qb's are having. Congrats to Andrew Luck,  Russel Wilson and prematurely RGIII....GO REDSKINS!!!!!!

Thank you Nick for the sweet words. smiley

Cmon Cowboys...Try and look like you know what you're doing!

12/2/12   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Jess wrote:


That was me, too.  I would share the language, but it would be most this:

**** yeah!!! Wait, what the ****??!!! No ******* way! Where is the ******* defense???  ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

Okay, let's get this done, go team go, c'mon you can do it.....

**** YEAH!!!!!!!!

12/2/12   |   JenX63   |   33152 respect

Yeah! There was some(2) good games today. The others were just *sigh* 

12/2/12   |   Scott   |   54593 respect

My man crush on Greg Zuerlein has reached an all new level

12/2/12   |   Jess   |   35092 respect


12/2/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

I think that wins the year for Most Insane Endings to Early Games.

12/2/12   |   Scott   |   54593 respect

Andrew Luck is a stud

12/2/12   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21521 respect

The Rams pulled an upset over the '9ers!!

12/2/12   |   Jess   |   35092 respect



12/2/12   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21521 respect

Andrew Luck with a game-winning TD!!!

12/2/12   |   kobe_lova   |   62341 respect

I've been trying to take a nap since 2, but couldn't keep my eyes closed for more than a minute. Such good (and not so good) football!

12/2/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Sidney Rice scores the winning TD, but got knocked out cold in the process.

Niners/Rams getting ever so close to another tie.

Colts trying to steal a win.

12/2/12   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21521 respect

Russell Wilson has done it!!  Upset of the day!!  Seahawks beat the Bears!!  

12/2/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

I hate you Seattle defense so much.

12/2/12   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21521 respect

Will the Rams and the 49ers end the game with another tie?

12/2/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

This. Forever.

12/2/12   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21521 respect

Mark Sanchez is done for the day with 3 picks on the day...

12/2/12   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Mason Crosby was farther right than Michele Bachmann on his last kick. I can't imagine he makes it through the week.

Packers down 14-10, thanks to Adrian Peterson being Adrian Peterson. With Jordy Nelson and TJ Lang joining the MASH unit this game, I'm not feeling particularly confident. C'mon Seattle. We need the Chicago "bros" to not have a reason to squawk.

12/2/12   |   anthonyrichardlouisnaught   |   1754 respect

richard_cranium wrote:
Wondering if that AZ/NYJ game simply comes down to which teams offense can simply get into field goal range just once.

Jets have been there 2x, came away with nothing. This could be the worst game in the NFL in history at the rate they are playing. If this was college, it would be the Kohler TOILET BOWL

12/2/12   |   anthonyrichardlouisnaught   |   1754 respect

how pathetic is the Jets/Cardinals game? 4 INTs in 3 minutes of game play? Horrendous. Sanchez should know better as a 4th year player.

12/2/12   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21521 respect

Mark Sanchez with 3 interceptions so far today...  This could be a long day for the Jets' offense...

12/2/12   |   Jess   |   35092 respect

I will be back after the Hawks game. Right now any of my in-game commentary is going to look like this here:

****** ***** *** **** ******* ****

12/2/12   |   richard_cranium   |   17683 respect

Wondering if that AZ/NYJ game simply comes down to which teams offense can simply get into field goal range just once.

12/2/12   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

I really like these Rams throwbacks. They are better than their normal unis. 

12/2/12   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

Impressive first drive for Kansas City, playing after yesterday's tragedy.

12/2/12   |   JenX63   |   33152 respect

yes I'm going to sit and relax and enjoy all the games today. Good Luck & Go Teams!