Week 15 Fantasy Football Injury Report

Week 15 Fantasy Football Injury Report From A Guy Who Thinks Hes Balding

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So I decided to buy the “do it yourself” haircut kit. Why you ask? Well for one, I usually just get a buzz, let it grow out awhile(this time it was a year), then buzz it again. I figured if I’m just going to keep getting a buzz, that’s something that I can do myself instead of handing "Supercuts" 15 bucks every time I want a haircut. And the second reason, I’ve been worried for this last year that I’m balding. My friends tell me, “No man, you’re nuts. Look how long your hair is…” and so on. Unfortunately, it appears I was right and they were wrong.

You see, I gave myself a buzz tonight, and noticed that in the back, there’s a huge spot of hair missing. Now it’s quite possible I just screwed up since this is the first time I’ve ever cut my own hair, and could have cut more in that spot by accident, but I don’t think that’s the case.  You know in “Jackass” where they sneak up on people while the Jaws music plays and then buzz off a spot of somebody’s head? That’s how I look right now.

Anyway, I’m pretty depressed right now, and regretting all of those nights at the bar when I chose to just hang out with my friends, instead of trying to have some fun with the ladies while I had beautiful long locks that would make Fabio jealous.

If I am becoming a part of the bald community, I will not be ashamed of it, and hope you welcome me to the community with open arms. I can assure you that I will NOT go George Costanza on you  and call a hair growth cream maker in China to solve this problem.

Now to a completely unrelated topic, let’s look at the injuries to watch for week 15 in fantasy football…


Matt Hasselbeck, Trent Edwards, Gus Frerotte, Daunte Culpepper.
All at best “Questionable” this week, likely all out… but it doesn’t matter if they’re 100%, they shouldn’t be anywhere near your lineup.


Frank Gore. He’s officially a “Game-Time Decision” with a sprained ankle, so you’re going to need to get up early on Sunday to check his status.

Marion Barber. Dealing with toe and calf injuries, the Cowboys running back won’t practice until Friday, if at all. Consider him “Questionable” to face the Giants, and even if he does play, don’t expect him to be a huge contributor especially with the emergence of Tashard Choice.

Brandon Jacobs.  Like Barber, Jacobs might not be playing in the Cowboys-Giants game this weekend. Jacobs has a knee injury and he’s going to need to show that he’s feeling very good before the Giants trot him out there when they already have the NFC East sealed. Even if he goes, you shouldn’t expect too much out of him. Go with Derrick Ward.

Joseph Addai. He has a shoulder injury, and it sounds like he’s “Doubtful” with how Tony Dungy is describing it.  It sucks too, because he’d be a great play against the Lions. With that being said, pick up Dominic Rhodes now!

Fred Taylor. The Jaguars running back hurt his thumb against the Bears last Sunday, and his status is up in the air. He shouldn’t be better than a flex option right now anyway, as Maurice Jones-Drew’s going to get most of the carries. Really, you should be more interested in this if you’re an MJD owner than a Taylor owner.

Selvin Young. This dude is always on the injury report, and he hasn’t been much of a fantasy factor in the few games he played. However, with the Broncos losing about 300 running backs to injury this year, Young’s likely to get some carries if he’s good to go, and while he’s listed as “Questionable”, Shanahan sounds encouraged about Young’s chances to play Sunday at the Panthers. Still, you’d rather have Tatum Bell until Young shows something on the field.


Mark Bradley. The Chiefs receiver has injured calves(yep, each calf is hurting), but returned to practice in a limited fashion Wednesday. If he’s feeling good, he could be a good sleeper against an awful Chargers pass defense that’s ranked 30th in the league.


Jason Witten. He has an ankle injury and missed practice Wednesday, but it doesn’t seem to be serious. Although he was absolutely lost on a couple  key plays near the end of the game against the Steelers, he still had 6 catches for 62 yards, and had 9 catches for 112 yards the week before. Assuming he’ll be okay by Sunday, ride the hot streak.

Kellen Winslow. It sounds like he’s likely out still, and with Ken Dorsey at quarterback, you don’t want to play him.

You can read more of my fantasy analysis, as well as get links to great fantasy rankings, projections, and much more on my Week 15 Fantasy Football Roundup. Feel free to comment or ask any questions, and you can always e-mail me: sharapovasthigh@gmail.com.
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12/11/08   |   snbslugger

I have Gore, Taylor, and Witten.  I'm 12-2, won my last 9, the defending league champ, and I'm terrified I'm going to get bounced in the first round of the playoffs this week.  This doesn't help.

Taylor would be on my bench anyway since I have Willie Parker and Pierre Thomas.  Gore and Witten, however, are my #1's at RB and TE respectively.  Witten's probably going to play since the game against NYG is huge for their playoff chances.  I really hope Gore can go.  Even if I can pick up an injury sub, the market is pretty thin.  It'll be Warrick Dunn, Ahmad Bradshaw or Deshaun Foster.  *Gulp*

12/11/08   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

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Expect more snaps for Josh Cribbs in Philly.  Winslow and Dorsey are college teammates and with his lack of arm strength Winslow actually makes a solid play.  Cleveland will be trailing and throwing often, but not deep.  You could definitely do worse

12/11/08   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. That's why I'm never cutting my hair again.