Week 15 NCAA Football Picks: Championship Edition [College Football Picks]

It's Time To Crown The True Champions In NCAA Football. Conference Champions, That Is

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It's time for the NCAA to crown a true champion. One for each conference. Most of them, at least. It can be said that the Big 12 Championship is a little B(c)S, but for the most part, the conference championships are matching up the top two teams in each conference, and the winner of several of them will receive a BCS bowl bid.

The festivities start tonight, with the MAC Championship, and the final game will be Oklahoma and Missouri for the Big 12 Saturday at 8pm.

Enough rambling, here are the games and the picks:

Friday, 8:00
MAC Championship
#12 Ball State vs Buffalo

98% of FanIQ is picking Ball State to win and go into bowl season undefeated, and it's hard to argue. While Ball State doesn't really have the most impressive wins on its resumé, Buffalo is coming off a loss to Kent State, who lost by 3 TD's to Ball State earlier in the season. That's probably a lot like how this game is going to go, and Ball State will be one of probably 2 undefeated teams left on the outside of the BCS bowls looking in. My pick: Cardinals 44, Bulls 24


Conference USA Championship
East Carolina vs Tulsa
75% of FanIQ picked the Golden Hurricane
. These are two teams that could have been fighting for a BCS berth, if not for a couple stretches of losses. Tulsa's lone losses came during a 2-game road trip to Arkansas and Houston, and 3 of ECU's 4 losses were consecutive ones earlier in the season, right after they had knocked off 2 top teams with wins over West Virginia and Virginia Tech. My pick: Golden Hurricane 38, Pirates 24

ACC Championship
#17 Boston College vs #25 Virginia Tech
59% of FanIQ picked the Hokies
, but the expert picks are going the opposite way (60% BC). The key may be in the road records. BC is 4-1 away from home, while Virginia Tech is only 2-4. BC won the earlier matchup at home, and hopes to win this one in Tampa for a trip to the Orange Bowl against Big East champs Cincinnati. My pick: Eagles 30, Hokies 27

SEC Championship
#4 Florida vs #1 Alabama
80% picked the Gators to hand the Crimson Tide their first loss
. Alabama has been facing doubters all year, and that won't change here. If they are going to win, they'll have to do so as decided underdogs against a Florida team that has shot up the rankings since taking a fall for their loss to Ole Miss. My pick: Florida 34, Alabama 19

Big 12 Championship
#2 Oklahoma vs #20 Missouri
93% picked the Sooners to take home the controversial Big 12 Championship
. While some believe that Texas and/or Texas Tech belong here just as much as Oklahoma, it really doesn't matter at this point. The Big 12 and a spot in the National Championship game is Oklahoma's to lose. If they win, they're in. It's that simple. Otherwise, Texas will probably take their spot in the NC game, and OU simply isn't going to let that happen. My pick: Oklahoma 52, Missouri 33

-----Other Notable Games-----

12:00 - #23 Pittsburgh vs Connecticut: 53% of FanIQ picked Pittsburgh.
4:30 - #5 USC vs UCLA: 93% picked USC
8:00 - South Florida vs West Virginia: 87% picked West Virginia
8:00 - Arizona vs Arizona State: 73% picked Arizona State
11:30 - #13 Cincinnati vs Hawaii: 89% picked Cincinnati

Enjoy the games, and don't forget to make your predictions on our Pick 'Em page.
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12/5/08   |   evilgenius328

In hopes that the BCS gets completely screwed up this weekend, here are my longshot predictions.

1)  Bama and Florida play to a tie (which is not possible, but hear me out).  After the 7th overtime, all players fall asleep from exhaustion and the refs are forced to disqualify both teams, dropping both teams to number 3 in the rankings (they are tied in final rankings because they played to a tie in the game)
2)  Mizzou utterly demolishes Oklahoma.  Chase Daniel throws for 550 yards and 7 touchdowns, all to Macklin, while the Mizzou defense knocks Sam Bradford out of the game on the first drive.  Oklahoma drops out of the top 10 after it's poor finish.
3)  Ball State destroys Buffalo on Saturday to remain undefeated on the season.  They negotiate with the BCS and inform them that they will play the bowl game against Boise State in Boise only if it is for the National Championship.  Due to public scrutiny of the BCS system, the BCS decides to allow Ball State and Boise State to play for the national championship.

While NONE of that is likely to happen, it was fun writing.  But to be real, here are my predictions.
1)  Ball State remains undefeated.
2)  Florida dominates Alabama and moves up to number 2 in the rankings.
3)  Oklahoma stops Mizzou and moves up to number 1 in the rankings.

FLORIDA dominates Oklahoma in the National Title game.

12/5/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

11% are picking Hawai'i over Cincy?  Crazy.

12/5/08   |   boobigcat   |   3 respect

I think John Parker Wilson and the Tide are really overrated!!Tim Tebow is the real deal!!!!!               GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/5/08   |   matto214

 Hell yeah, UF will whip Alabama!!!! I want see Bama Crybaby!!! they aint real #1!