Week 3 Fantasy reactions

The fantasy owner's top 5 knee-jerk overreactions: Week 3

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It's the dawn of the new day for every #1 WR facing the Jets

Starting the #1 receiver going up against the Jets just wasn't worth it in the past. Well, because a certain someone is out for the season, the fog has lifted, and you can go ahead and start... Michael Crabtree? OK, sure, Michael Crabtree it is!

The Jets have been terrible against the run this season, and going up against the Niners you can be sure they're going to stack the box to try get stifle Frank Gore. With Moss playing the deep threat, it's likely we'll see Cromartie running with him and (3rd year) perennial rookie Kyle Wilson on Crabtree. This will be the matchup Alex Smith would try to exploit outside the numbers.

Also look for Vernon Davis to have a big day as the Jets tend to struggle against TEs with Revis on the field, but you knew that already, you fantasy genius you.
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Welker's back!
The Patriots are starting to come back around on Wes Welker after he successfully proved to be a grea treceiver for the umpeenth time on Sunday night. He had 8 catches for 142 yards. See if the owner of Welker in your league has a plethora of WRs but a shortage of RBs, for example. Now's the time to make a trade for Welker if you fancy doing so, because I bet he's going to have a big day in Buffalo, probably finding the endzone atleast once.

Maybe this even means he'll get a new contract!. Just kidding! The Patriots hate you for some reason, Wes, now shut up and run crossing patterns for everybody's benefit but your own!

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