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Week 9 Quick Hits and Elite Ten

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  • Andrew Luck is quickly becoming one of the more impressive rookie QB’s in NFL history as he Nov 4, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) throws a pass as he is hit by a Miami Dolphins defender during the game at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Thomas J. Russo-US PRESSWIREadded another win to his resume yesterday. He also broke the record for most passing yards by a rookie in a single game with 433. His poise and confidence only eight games in has been remarkable, and what he’s been able to do with a limited supporting cast is a true testament to his ability and potential. He has led his team, minus its head coach who is battling leukemia, to a 5-3 record at the halfway point and has everyone in Indianapolis thinking playoffs. Expect for Luck to continue to improve as the season goes on, which is scary for the rest of the AFC.
  • The Packers are totally dependent on Aaron Rodgers. I think if you’re putting together a list for MVP, it starts with Rodgers, with Peyton Manning following a close second. The Packers are eerily similar to the Manning led Colts from the mid 2000’s. The QB has so much on his shoulders, and if he doesn’t perform to an absolutely extraordinary level the team is very beatable. Rodgers has been on fire since the Colts embarrassed them on the road in Week 5, and the Packers look like a totally different team as a result. This team will only go as far as Rodgers can take them.
  • The Giants may be the best road team ever, but they are not so great at home. This game seemed to set up as good as it could have for the Giants given the rough week they had with the hurricane. They were at home against a team that had to travel the day of the game that hasn’t been that good on the road this year, and the Giants just simply couldn’t close them out. The worst thing that could happen to the Giants is hosting a playoff game. They need to find a way to go 9-7 and squeak in as the sixth seed so they don’t have to have the burden of playing at home.
  • The Broncos are quietly becoming the second best team in the AFC. After a solid road victory against the Bengals, The Broncos are now at 5-3 with the toughest part of their schedule behind them. Their remaining opponents are: at Carolina, San Diego at home, at Kansas City, Tampa Bay at home, at Oakland, at Baltimore, Cleveland at home, Kansas City at home. The worst they come out of this is 6-2, which means they’d be 11-5 and winners of their division, although I could see them easily going 7-1 down that stretch and getting a bye in the AFC along with Houston. This would set up a likely showdown with the Patriots in Denver during the divisional round of the playoffs. One more Brady-Manning duel is always a good thing.
  • Chicago’s defense is absolutely outrageous. There is not much that needs to be said about them. They just terrorize every single opponent the come up against and will make the Bears the favorite in the NFC when it’s all said and done. They’ve been so good that it’s taken the focus off of Cutler and his “character” concerns, which is no easy task. I know the Falcons are undefeated, but I’ll take the Bears, Packers, and 49ers over the Falcons right now.
  • Speaking of the Falcons, they’re an excellent football team as a whole but I have serious concerns about Matt Ryan. Many people will think I’m coo coo for cocoa puffs, but Ryan has underachieved this season. He has the most outrageous supporting cast in recent memory and quite honestly doesn’t do very much with it. Julio Jones, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, Michael Turner, and a great O-line. He ranks third is QB rating and has a nice TD-INT ratio, but Rodgers and Manning are both doing more with much less. I can’t imagine the type of number Aaron Rodgers would have if he had all those weapons. He might already have 40 TD passes through 8 games. Again, the team has gone 8-0 and is looking like a real contender despite last seasons embarrassing playoff exit, but Matt Ryan needs to start taking better advantage of this golden opportunity and start lighting up the scoreboard.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles will miss the playoffs, and Nick Foles will replace Mike Vick next week. As I’m writing this article, the Eagles are down 14-3 and Vick has already fumbled and been picked off. It’s not looking good in Philly. This may be the year that Andy Reid finally parts with Eagles organization and if he does, expect teams to line up outside his house, begging him to coach their team. The guy is a proven winner and an excellent head coach, but sometimes relationships go stale and a change of scenery does everybody good. With all of the pain he’s experienced this past season with the passing of his son, and to a much lesser extent the team’s poor performance, it would probably do him and his family a world of good to start over elsewhere.
  • Adrian Peterson is currently completing the greatest comeback from a knee injury the world has ever seen. This is the same guy that fell to seventh in the draft because of a freak injury he suffered at Oklahoma and proceeded to immediately become the best RB in the league. He’s done the exact same thing this time around and looks every bit as explosive as he ever did which is ridiculous. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the way this guy works and trains. He leads the league in rushing and looks like he’s getting stronger every week. He and Peyton Manning will finish 1-2 in the voting for comeback player of the year, with it being a dead heat at this point.
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Great article. Drew Luck! Easily rookie of the year, sorry Doug Martin.

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Good Stuff

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Keep up the good work dude.  You should probably start insulting players and teams more frequently.  Lets get those clicks.  

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Adam is a very impressive writer. I look forward to more articles by him.