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The second half of baseball has begun, and with 2 wild card spots in play, everybody's still in it except for the Houston Astros! 

The Red Sox won a baseball series, the Braves swept the Mets, Yu Darvish got rocked by the Mariners, and after taking two of three in Milwaukee, the Pittsburgh Pirates feel like this:

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Not one pitcher through a no-hitter or perfect game this weekend, leading to widespread bewilderment and outrage. 

Authors of fresh Monday power rankings considered other combinations for a brief moment, before going with Yankees - Rangers - Nationals. 
After much pushing, pulling, and pleading, it is apparent that Dwight Howard is an immovable object. After being appended with a $25 million dollar price tag, it seems that Jeremy Lin is not--

the Knicks look to be on the verge of making a smart decision. In unrelated news, thousands of birds fell from the sky earlier this year. Just something to be mindful of.

Kyrie Irving broke his hand on Saturday after slapping the padded wall of the gymansium in frustration, putting him out of action for atleast 2 months.

That's too freaking bad: Blog Photo - Weekend sports recap

Meanwhile, Jason Kidd crashed was reportedly carried out of a club on Friday night, before getting behind the wheel, navigating his car into a telephone pole, and singing his way through the booking process. He will miss no time due to injury because he did not slap his hand against a padded wall in frustration.

We are 7 and a half weeks away from the start of the NFL season, but who's counting? The Patriots asked Gronkowski to stop Gronking so hard. I tried to find a photo to caption "Gronk Sad," but not one exists. Instead, Gronk Prevail:
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The New Orleans Saints weren't stalling in offering Drew Brees a contract after all, they were simply going door-to-door to raise the funds to give him the biggest effing contract that side of the Mississippi. That guy's so good at throwing a football, he's going to make $40 million dollars next year doing it. 

And last but not least, Joe Paterno is still no longer alive, but the debate as to where we should put his soul rages on. 

Hope you feel adequately caught up. 

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