Well So Far This Week is a Sigh

4/21/08 in NHL   |   foolforstamping   |   respect

No Cup Race yesterday.  The Flyers lost  and have to go to game 7 in Washington.  I've got all of my fingers and toes crossed.  The Phillies did pull it out for the win yesterday after leading the for the most part then almost blowing it toward the end.  The Philadelphia fans once again showed their support for both teams by booing them.  Gotta love us Philly fans when we are happy woohoo and when we are not watch out cause we will let you know about it.  We need a break, we need a championship, we need something.  But you know what if nothing else Philly fans are loyal to the death.  We can trash talk our teams and players all we want but don't let anybody else do it cause we will come after you.  It is time for the Philly jinx to be over and for one of our teams to take it to the top.
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4/22/08   |   ericrbakersr

This is so true.  We cannot take anymore of this jinx.  Philly needs to be back on top once again.  Bring on the championships!