Wenger sticks to his poker face as transfer deadline enters last stage

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Blog Photo - Wenger sticks to his poker face as transfer deadline enters last stage
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes he doesn’t need the help of a director of football to help him guide through the process of buying and selling players. The Frenchman insists he is capable of making decisions about his squad all alone.
The Emirates boss admits he is under pressure to make signings before the transfer widow expires on Monday, but he won’t falter into making hasty decisions. The longtime serving manager also revealed that he was happy with his squad, although he was still hunting for potential signings.
Wenger has been under scrutiny for making no big signings this summer. The 63-year-old gaffer has only signed in former Arsenal player Mathieu Flamini, who had become a free-agent after his tenure with AC Mian and young talent Yaya Sanogo from Auxerre.
Wenger claims he won’t “panic buy” or is looking for opinions on the matter. Wenger has been urged to bring in a director of football, but the Frenchman is adamant about keeping control in his hands.
“A director of football buys the players. When they don't work, you (the manager) are guilty for them not playing well,” Wenger told the Daily Mail. “If it works, the director of football has bought well.
“I am not against having people to help me buy and sell. I cannot do it all -- I am not Superman, but the final decision has to belong to the manager to decide who comes in and who goes out. He is responsible for the style of play and the results.
“I have to stand up for the results of the team. It makes sense that the manager makes those decisions. I have people around me who help, but the final decision has to be down to the manager. I have a good experience of the game. I have played over 900 games here, but I don't deny that the transfer market is a problem for me. It conflicts with the competition when that competition has already started.”
Wenger has had a turbulent summer on the field. Arsenal lost the Emirates Cup once again, but they were able to thrash star-struck Manchester City in a friendly. Their start to the Premier League season has been unconvincing, but Wenger insists the criticism directed towards him has been unfair.
“People have been brainwashed. People don't question any more if players are better than the ones you already have,” Wenger added. “Take (Tomas) Rosicky. You have to find a better player than him or (Santi) Cazorla or a better player than Jack Wilshere.
“That is what people forget, just how good the players you already have are. It is difficult to accept because people don't look any more. (Aaron) Ramsey is 22 and Wilshere is 21, so that means they can only get better. They have fantastic qualities and have fantastic engines. People don't realize they have something special here.”
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