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You're not going to hit too many OVER plays when one of the teams involved scores less than 20 points in 2 of the 4 quarters unless it was a really low number to start with. The Dinos were simply ghastly on offense last night. They couldn't throw it in the ocean if they were standing in a boat. The Bucks really weren't much better, but when you build a 30-point lead in the 3rd quarter, there's just no reason to keep the starters in the game with the playoffs looming, and that's the way Coach Boylan played it.

We did hit with the Pacers and Wizards though, so I don't mind last night's 1-1 a bit. It left me with a 5-2 (4-2 in the NBA and 1-0 with college hoops) for the week, and that's a good way to start a new month. I'll take 5 wins out of every 7 plays anytime.

THE NBA (6-1 last night and 33-17 for the week)
The Book is dragging it's heels again with the Wizards/CELTICS matchup for tonight. As it was with the Heat last night, it all has to do with injurie and the availability of key players. At least K.G. and Pierce are listed as "questionable", so that's a step in the right direction for the Celts.

SU WINNERS (5-1 last night and 39-10 for the week)

TOTALS (3-4 last night and 19-19 for the week)
OVERS - Lakers/CLIPPERS (202), Grizzlies/KINGS (196 1/2), Jazz/WARRIORS (200), Hornets/SUNS (198) and Mavs/BLAZERS (205)
UNDERS - Knicks/THUNDER (195 1/2), Magic/CAVS (204) and Bulls/PISTONS (186)

BUTTA (1-1 last night and 4-2 for the week)
Mavs (-3 1/2) over BLAZERS - The Mavs are still in it, but this could be the end for them if they don't mind their p's and q's here. The Blazers season is over, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind sticking it to the Mavs, but Dallas is 22-8 ATS in their last 30 road games and 9-3 ATS in the last 12 games in this series. Mavs 115, BLAZERS 100

1. Knicks (+8) at THUNDER - The Knicks numbers may be skewed a tad with their long winning streak still intact, but I said last week that this is the time when we start looking at spots to go against New York. This feels like that spot to me, but even with a dominant home team like the Thunder with still a ton to play for, this number is just too much for me to lay. THUNDER 92, Knicks 90
2. CLIPPERS (-4 1/2) over Lakers - The really scary part about this game is that a Clipper win means a season sweep of the Lakers. That's never happened, and the Lakers have a lot more to play for than the Clips. CLIPPERS 116, Lakers 102
3. CELTICS 95, Wizards 86 - I don't know if K.G. or Pierce will play, and that's, naturally, a very big deal when it comes to how this one plays out. But maybe a bigger deal than that is the fact that the Wiz are 0-11 SU so far this season when they close out a b2b situation on the road.
4. CAVS (-6) over Magic - Make sure you don't attach too much importance to the Cavs win in Boston on Friday night. The Cavs will have the best player on the court in this matchup, but this is a lot of wood to carry. CAVS 93, Magic 86
5. Grizzlies (-5 1/2) over KINGS - Whenver it looks like the Kings are about ready to advance and show some real improvement, they start to get knocked around. I can't get with the Griz though. They're at the end of a long road trip tonight. Grizzlies 113, KINGS 90
6. Bulls (-4 1/2) over PISTONS - It sure looks like it should be a Bulls blowout, but I'm more inclined to believe that's because the Pistons are so bad more than the Bulls are that good. And that's not the kind of situation I want to be involved in. Bulls 100, PISTONS 77
7. Jazz (+5 1/2) at WARRIORS - The Jazz are in chase mode right now, so it's of no use one way or another for them to be in a situation knowing what the Lakers did before they even take the court tonight. The Warriors play well at home, but this is a team that still has some things to work out before playoff time gets here. WARRIORS 103, Jazz 101
8. SUNS (+2 1/2) vs. Hornets - You can tell how bad a team is when they're at home and catching points against a team that's gone 0-8 ATS in their last 8 road games. SUNS 102, Hornets 101

More BROOMOLOGY for today with 7 games fitting the criteria:

BROOMOLOGY (5-1 ATS & SU last week)

Road Dogs (3-1 ATS & SU last week)
1. Yankees (+1 1/2) at TIGERS
2. Indians (+1 1/2) at RAYS
3. Cubs (+1 1/2) at BRAVES
4. Padres (+1 1/2) at ROCKIES
5. Pirates (+1 1/2) at DODGERS

Home Dog (no situations last week)
ASTROS (+1 1/2) vs. A's

Home Favorite (2-0 ATS & SU last week)
BREWERS (-1 1/2) over D-BACKS

Interesting little matchup for the national championship tomorrow night. The early line has Louisville favored at (-3 1/2), and I've got Michigan winning the game outright. There's a lot more work to do before I make a call on the game, so stay tuned for that. The Association, as is their custom, will be sitting tomorrow out and giving the big stage to the kids, and with baseball still in the "infantile" state of the season, it looks like the only game in town is going to be the championship game. I'm thinking it's going to be one of those "hit 'n' run" type blurbs, so don't blink.

Have a grand and glorious Sunday. The weather has finally turned spring-like for most of the country now, so I'm sure there will be a lot of moving around still today. Be careful out there, and I'll see you in some way, shape and form tomorrow.
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