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A bit of a kooky day on Sunday.  Any day, these days, that features the Lakers beating the Thunder is just whacked.  But I guess none of us, least of all me, should have been surprised by the Bulls beating the Heat.  My numbers for the game were right on time.  I just didn't listen to them because it certainly looked like a talent and situational mismatch in favor of the Heat.

I try to take everything into account before making a move on a game.  You know that about me by now, but one of those things that I can't measure is heart and desire.  The Bulls sure have it.  Yesterday, when it got to be crunch time, the Heat did not.  The Bulls outworked, outhustled, and in the end, outplayed The Champs.

When the smoke cleared from Sunday, it wasn't all that bad.  No need to go into great detail about it.  I can't take credit for it since I didn't officially post it as a play, but let's just say that sometimes a 3-point bomb that hits it's mark at the end of a game to force OT is a very good thing, especially if an OVER play is involved.

THE NBA  (5-4 ATS/7-2 SU/6-3 TOTALS yesterday)

BUTTA  (0-1 yesterday)
Hawks/JAZZ (O201) - Let's not confuse the Jazz with an offensive juggernaut.  If they were, this TOTAL would be much higher, but the Hawks are really bad on defense.  That makes this number look really short to me.

Nuggets   84 Raptors   90
BOBCATS (-6, U209 1/2) 119 NETS (-2, U196 1/2) 103
Wizards (+6 1/2, O204) 109 76ers   86
HEAT 108 KNICKS (-16, U214) 119
Magic 109 Hawks 103
BUCKS (+1, O203 1/2) 111 JAZZ (+1 1/2, O201) 118
Suns 103    
CLIPPERS (-10 1/2, O220) 122    
---Good looking matchup in Brooklyn tonight.  The Dinos just keep on keepin' on, and the Nets are surging.  It's a b2b for both teams, and that hasn't been a good situation for the Nets this season.  Just food for thought.
---Are the Wiz ready to compete with The Champs?  The knee-jerk reaction would have to be "NO", but after what we saw yesterday from the Heat, it's as good an argument as there is for why they actually have to play the game.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (3-4 ATS/4-3 SU/4-3 TOTALS yesterday)

BUTTA  (no play yesterday)
N. ILLINOIS (-155) over Bowling Green - The MAC tourney begins tonight with 4 games.  All of these 1st round games are on campus, so home court has to be considered.  That becomes significant for this particular game.  Bowling Green could be a dangerous team.  They started their conference schedule with a 4-1 record, but they went on to win only 3 of their final 10 MAC games and went only 1-6 on the road in that stretch.  When things were going well for the Falcons, that lone loss in the first 5 conference games was at home to N. Illinois by 9 points.  I don't expect that the Huskies will advance much further in the tournament than this game, and that's why I won't lay the points with them, but they do have more than enough, especially with the home court, to get by the Falcons tonight.

Ball St. (+13 1/2, O136) 73 Kent St. (+2, U135) 70
C. Michigan 49 Bowling Green 53
E. MICHIGAN (-12, U132 1/2) 78 N. ILLINOIS (-3, O116 1/2) 67
St. Mary's 62 San Francisco (+5 1/2, U155) 73
Gonzaga (-6 1/2, U132 1/2) 69 Byu 73

Many thanks to the NBA and NCAA for a relatively early ending to yesterday's action.  It sure was nice to get a little sleep for a change.  Of course, it's much needed as things are really going to fire up with conference tourneys as the week progresses.  For now though, have a great rest of your Monday, and I'll see you tomorrow.
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