What Might a College Football 16 Team Playoff Look Like?

Mountain West Conference Calls For 16 Team Playoff. What Might It Look Like?

10/20/11 in NCAAF   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Just today the Mountain West conference called for a 16 team playoff in college football.  In the proposal, all eleven conferences would have automatic bids as long as they are in the top 30 ranking of a human commission.  The rest of the playoffs would be filled out with at-large bids and seeded.  To me, this seems like a fair balance between making sure all teams are eligible and avoiding any cupcakes in the playoffs.  It would only takes four weeks to play out as well, so it wouldn't extend the season any longer.  Just play the games on Thursday/Saturday for the 1st and 2nd round and then Saturdays for the final two rounds.  If it starts out the week after conference championships, the season would actually end earlier than it does now.  It would also allow for a more logical flow to the end of the season.  Right now the bowl season (or at least the bowls we care about) may as well be a completely different season as they're held as much as 50 days after teams had played their previous games.  

But just what would a 16 team playoff look like?  I took the current BCS rankings (which may not get team by team ranking correct, but can paint a decent general picture) and made up a mock bracket.

1 LSU vs 16. Houston
8. Stanford vs 9. Arkansas
5.  Boise State vs. 12. Virginia Tech
4. Oklahoma State vs. 13. Nebraska
6. Wisconsin vs. 11. Kansas State
3. Oklahoma vs. 14. South Carolina
7. Clemson vs. 10. Oregon
2. Alabama vs. 15 West Virginia

Obviously, its far to early to predict who would win these match ups and they would change drastically from now until the end of the season.  However, I do think its fair that each of these teams would have an opportunity to play for a title.  On top of that, I'd much rather watch these match ups than 95% of the bowl match ups we will be given.
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10/23/11   |   elevenbravo138again   |   1163 respect

If FBS football were truly about "Tradition & Rivalries" then why did TCU nearly join the Big East, why is Missouri looking at the SEC?  Why are conferences realigning?   In order to create more money for ESPN/Fox/Etc. & Big Name Colleges.  In fact if all the playoff revenues are shared equally among all Division I programs it would help to level the playing field as the 85 scholarship limit did.  And yes the Sun will still rise & set, people will still go hungry, and life will go on, but much of the cronyism and corruption that infects the bowls, many of which are bogus 'charities' where little to none of the money generated find it's way past the board and staff to anything charitable.  At least the playoff is honest about what it's aims are.

10/21/11   |   phillysuper70s   |   523 respect

This Might Just Work......''

10/21/11   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

It is a good idea.  I especially like the Conf. winners get automatics provided they are top 30 teams.
The only thing they need to to is not lock the conferences.  After each round the lowest advancing seed will always play the highest advancing seed.  And down on towards the middle.  In other words, the brackets get re-seeded after each round.

10/21/11   |   Ripx7   |   90 respect

I'm against it.  College Football is about Tradition & Rivalries, not National Championships.   I want to see the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl, I want to see Oklahoma vs Nebraska, I want to see Texas in the Cotton Bowl, and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

Having a College Football Playoff, isn't going to dramatically change anything in the world we live in today.  It will just create more money for ESPN & Big Name Colleges.  The Sun will still rise & set, people will still go hungry, and life will go on. 

10/20/11   |   Soxfest   |   768 respect

Playoff or tourney is a part of EVERY other NCAA sport it will happen 1 day!

10/20/11   |   jaysinw   |   5037 respect

I like the idea, even if they did not go with the automatic bid and they just take the top 16 teams, from the coaches, or AP poll. AS it stands now most people believe the season is a bust thinking the Championship game will be between LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and the season has not even enter November yet. True anything could happen and Wisconsin or Standford could slip in there.