What Was The NBA Lockout For?

7/17/12 in NBA   |   Anthony_Raia   |   37 respect

This time last year we were wondering if we were going to see an NBA season (the anti- LeBron crowd probably wishes that we didn't.) The reason behind last season's lockout was that NBA owners were going broke as contracts continued to spiral out of of control. They wanted to make it harder for super teams to be formed, and easier for teams to keep their stars. How much difference a year can make.

Even though they will deny it, the Toronto Raptors took advantage of a flaw in the restricted free agency rules to give Landry Fields an absurd contract to keep the Knicks from getting Steve Nash. The Houston Rockets used that same flaw to back the Knicks into a corner of either letting Jeremy Lin go or pay him over $14 million in the third year of his deal. Coupled with their other contracts on the books the Knicks would end up with a heavy luxury tax bill in 2015 and will likely let Lin walk. Omer Asik also got an absurd three year $25 million deal from Houston, this for a guy who averages 2.9 ppg and 4.4 rebounds.

We almost lost a season because of the owners were sick of ridiculous contracts, but less then 365 days later they are back at it.
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